Yes I know what you’re all thinking right now, how could that be??!! Even Stan made a comment about getting his money back on this movie. Keith Gibbs as Davis. Got backstage passes to Warped Tour a few years back, because my wife’s Uncle was driving I See Stars check these guys, if you haven’t heard of them , and had the chance to have a cookout and hang out with Reel Big Fish. December 30, Sports. Wahida K Super Reviewer.

Submit a new text post. I shoulda been gooonnneee. Data sources and other information. On these nights the crowds usually partake in the theme, so on free range chicken night the fans bring in their own chickens to the game. No, dude, you’re a little bitch. People who think I meant players are getting paid cash, and don’t realize there are multiple forms of payment and benefits colleges have a habit of providing to certain players. February 22, Comedy.

South Park is one of my favorite shows, but this movie just does not hold up. Micah McCain as Heather Kaiser. Well that’s why we have this little short shot. Do the Oscars Need a Host? Right, that’s why we have players talking about not getting enough to eat while participating in a billion dollar industry.

Got baseketballl passes to Warped Tour a few years back, because my wife’s Uncle was driving I See Stars check these guys, if you haven’t heard of vaseketballand had the chance to have a cookout and hang out with Reel Big Fish. Brooke Morales as Beers Cheerleader.

Is how I would have replied, but I digress. BASEketball is indeed a really funny movie. Robert Vaughn as Cain. February 22, Comedy. February 22, Drama. This leads to some pretty ingenious bits of visual comedy.


Well at least I’m on the team All the usual things because money is the source of all evil and leads to unhappiness, greed, and all that jazz. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

THEN they decided to say “fuck it” to film making! Matthew Murray as Little Remar.

I saw them on a Tuesday night at some small ass venue in Virginia a few years back and they played like they were in front of a sold out crowd at MSG. Remer squirts milk from his nipples whilst asking [i]’got milk?

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Want to add to the discussion? The main purpose of this subreddit is for mpvie for instant watch. Matt Stone as Remer. Cooper also munches on silver foil. Hover over to read. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Please link to the description page of the movie or show you are posting. On one hand I do like the movie simply because of its sheer lack political correctness twas before all that shit which is always a breath of fresh air.

Once they make the pros they’re expected to pay it back.

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How have I not watched it with the commentary? February 24, Comedy. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone star as best friends Joe and Doug, who are going nowhere fast until their game, BASEketball a hybrid of baseball and basketball played against a garage doorbecomes a national phenomenon.


It features popular ska bands covering well-known songs. Dude that is so fucking weak I mean you get David Haseketball direct the two guys who created South Park in a film and you’re sure to get something very funny. Keith Gibbs as Davis. A formidable couple of bros who rock at being genuine, and funny at basemetball same time.

It reeks of their humor. Sawickik as Skidmark Steve.

I think after this and Orgazmo they just decided to stick with South Park until their play I guess. Yasmine Bleeth as Jenna. Oh, kinda like a bunt? Wahida K Super Reviewer. Who have a threesome at the end spoilers, I guess Well yes and no, its kinda sporadic.

There baseketbll a team from Roswell which are of course based on Area 51 and aliens ugh! To watch this film, you really need to empty your mind, and enjoy. There’s plenty of ammunition for a satire of pro sports — and BASEketball isn’t it. Tch, Yes I could. Use the HTML below. Apr 12, Rating: