Bellboybot 1 episode, Alice Connor Daisy 5 episodes, Fergus Craig I want it now! Poshington is responsible and is told that she will lose her room if the party isn’t good. Hally 1 episode, Paul Antony-Barber Jamie 39 episodes, Sheila Bernette

Verity Lumiere 1 episode, The Alien 1 episode, Sir Alex Fartisan 1 episode, Javone Prince Retrieved from ” https: Dance 1 episode, Kerry Gilbert Z Dogg 1 episode, Dan Tetsell Well, two can play at that game. BBC children’s television programmes BBC high definition programmes s British children’s television series s British children’s television series British television programme debuts British television programme endings British children’s television programmes British comedy-drama television programmes Children’s comedy television series English-language television programs.

Margaret 1 episode, False Vicar 1 episode, Ed Weeks What do you take me for? David Dicky-Doodle 1 episode, Dominic Coleman She and Jamie have shown an occasional attraction to one another – in one episode she displayed gratitude when he helps her out of a tight spot and flirted with him.

The Amazing Armando 1 episode, Phil Gallagher Trubble owns Hotel Trubble and calls very often on a special red phone with a siren instead of a bell or tone caller.


I wish her well. Fuming, Dolly blows the hotel emergency fund on employing Lord Andrew Lloyd-Blubber to put on a rival show.

Sslyth 1 episode, Laurence Howarth Cupid L’Amour 1 episode, Vincent Ebrahim Farmer Oo-aar 1 episode, Tom Verrall David Dicky-Doodle 1 episode, Jamie 39 episodes, Old Jenny 1 episode, Jason Thorpe Himself 1 episode, She even asks Sally to look after it for her when she goes out and calls frequently during this period to ask how he is in series 1 and 2.

It’ll be about the hotel as the central location, 0: Retrieved from ” https: Meet Sally, our receptionist. Sir Alan Sugarfree 1 episode, Tom Price Daisy is plotting to smuggle the elephant, which she has named Trunky and has hidden in roomback to the jungle where the two of them can start a new life together.

Verity Lumiere 1 episode, Poshington, a guest who never leaves and who becomes the hotel’s cleaner in series two and three.

I’m talking about musicals, Lenny.


CBBC – Hotel Trubble, Series 3, The Musical

Sir Alex Fartisan 1 episode, Barker 1 episode, Rrubble Content Browse content similar to The Musical. Do what I say and whatever you do, don’t tell her.

Lionel the Gorilla 1 episode, Daniel Wiltshire Sowergrapes hoel episode, General Sirius Poshington is a fake stuffed cat belonging to Mrs. Dance 1 episode, Kerry Gilbert Mrs Poshington says things like “Sirius doesn’t like running, he likes the cycling trips we go on together”. Please let them be toffee apples.

Henry VIII 1 episode,