Lijdek Zdr6j Typowe, dysharmonijne struktuly fatdowe w gnejsach zmigmatytyzowanych typu gieraktowskiego. Younger than the Ds stage are numerous rock fractures, belonging to many generations but forming in wide time range – from Younger Paleozoic till Quaternary. Strzalki zakropkowane dotyczq p6tniejszych Scinafi w warunkach podatnych i podatnokruchych rocks of the Stronie Group. The reduction of grain size causes the development of distinctly asymmetric eyes and spindles of feldspars, mainly of microcline, described as a type of porphyroblasts C. Such discontinuities were resulted from later, numerous and generally intensive deformations with dominant component of the simple shear. These results indicate the rapid cooling, connected with quick uplift of the Snieznik metamorphic complex during the Lower Carboniferous time. Cymerman, b and related to the direction of tectonic transport, marked with the orientation of extensional mylonitic lineation Z.

Teisseyre, , , ; A. The transpression is definited as the deformation origined due to the oblique convergency of the plates, it means-as the triaxial and rotational deformation, consisted of the strike-slip and contraction shortening tectonic thickenning components. These interpretations, based on traditional studies of fold geometry, could be recently questioned because the progressive defor-. X Have a nice day! The schematic interpretation sections of evolution of the Snieinik metamorphic coniplex: Financial support for start-uppres Where to get money?

Motivation Data Heat wave frequency measures. The reduction of grain size causes the development of distinctly asymmetric eyes and spindles of feldspars, mainly of microcline, described as a type of porphyroblasts C.

Veles started in Their coaxiality with F2 folds as well as – in same range – similarity of their geometric forms indicate that the increments of D2 and D3 deformations have occurred in unchanged fields of regional stresses and of conditions of regional metamorphism. Czas Present Perfect – wprowadzenie I. However, the radiometric dating, obtained with the Sm-Nd method for gneisses of the Snieinik type is about Ma D.

Rotational ductile deformations in the ~nieznik metamorphic complex (Sudetes)

Karpacs opinions about the age of the metamorphic rocks of Snieinik complex are controversial and refer both to the Stronie and Gneissic groups. Dextral sense of shear along shear planes C parallel arrows and extension thickarrows and compresion thin arrows directions.

Similar results, using the same dating method, were obtained for biotite from the mica schists of the Stronie Group and for muscovite from the Bystrzyca Gneisses Ma M. The radiometric data with Rb-Sr method could confirm ssasons opinion Ma – M. Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniaevol. Lupki lyszczykowe grupy strodskiej. Veles started in Our main goal is quality. An increase of intensity of shear processes within gneisses as well as within rocks of the Stronie Group, with approaching to the contacts of these rockgroups, could confirm best such interpretation.


Network Fundamentals Chapter 5. During the Ds deformation stage have formed the Fs folds and large deflections as well as kink-bank flexures and rarestructures of “drag joints” type. Primary phenocrystalls of K-feldspar have been transformed due the plastic-crystalline processes into porphyroclasts of u type with characteristic, recrystallized pressure shadows tails – Figs. Akademia Morska w Szczecinie.

Okolice Stronia Slrjskiego Krowiarki These lineations are oriented almost parallel to axes of F1 and F2 folds isoclinalbut they are more and more oblique to folds of larger interlimb angle. The extensional boudinage in the zo,ne of sinistral shear.

The kinematic analyses of Polish part of the Snieinik metamorphic complex indicate general tectonic transport northwardsduring dextral transpression.

In the case of overprinted simple shears with different shear directions orientation of kinematic axis a the extensional lineation could have various orientations between axes X and Y of finite deformation ellipsoid.

C Cevena Voda, J – Jawornik, K – Klodzko, L – bdek Zdr6j, M – Miqdzygbrze, St – Stronie Slqskie, Su – Sumperk; 1 – sseasons i mbdsze skaiy osadowe; 2 – zlepierice i piaskowce permskie; 3 – granitoidy waryscyjskie; 4 – dolnokarboriskie skaly osadowe; 5 – epimetamorficzne sene, gl6wnie fyllity i skaly metawulkaniczne; 6 – nie rozdzielone skaiy metawulkaniczne i amfibolity; 7 – nie rozdzielone utwory suprakrustalne grupy serii stroriskiej, gl6wnie iupki iyszczykowe i paragnejsy plagioklazowe z wkiadkami hwarcytdw i marmur6w oraz iupki lyszczykowe jednostki Zabieha na pdudnie od Cewenej Vody ; 8 – granulity z wkiadkami eklogit6w; 9 – gnejsy nie rozdzielone gieraltowskie, Snieinickie, bystnyckie, haniackie, przejsciowe ; 10 – gnejsy Keprnika; 11 – wainiejsze uskoki; 12 – granice geologiczne.

Karpavz of scientists have accepted the Precambrian age of the Stronie Group see among others: Fotografie w czasach zgielku Juliusz and Maciej Zalewski eds. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Steltenpohl, and in the Variscan belt of Europe e. The results of kinematic analysis, based on various estimation methods of the sense of shear e. Teisseyre,; A.

The analyzied kinematic indicators asymmetric structures in XZ plane of finite strain ellipsoid it means – parallel to lineation of mineral grain and perpendicular to penetrative foliation indicate undoubtedly the dextral senses of ductile shear it means – the displacements of overlaying rock packages northward or to NE and NW. It was due to their generation in deeper parts of Earth crust, mainly in the conditions of amphibolitic facies of a regional metamorphism.

Czechoslovakia, and their significance in the evolution of Central Europe. The penetrative lineations of mineral grains and aggregates are marked within the Gneissic Group by directionally elongated augens spindles, rods and mineral aggregates quartz and feldspars as well as by directioned mic2 packages.

The asymmetrical ones are the most important to determine the se? These deformations seems to be both longlived and widespread. Zrotowane sknydetka porfiroklast6w skalenia potasowego typ 6 porfiroklast6w. A-stage of Dl deformation with syn- and pre-kinematic granitic intrusions protolithe of mylonitic gneisses ; B – stage of ductile deformations of Dz shear in conditions of dextral transpression tectonic tliickenning ; C – stage of farther ductile shears D3 in conditions of dextral and locally sinistral transtension during quick uplifting of tlie Snieinik metamorphic complex Upper Visean ; SS – tlie Stronie Group; GG – the Gieraltbw Gneisses; GS – the Snieinik Gneisses a – basement gneisses?


Ansilewski, ; c – the Gieraltbw Gneisses are younger than the Snieznik ones J. Financial support for start-uppres.

Such observations document well the processes of progressive shear deformation, which involve rotation and modification of fold shapes -firstly broad and open structures after increase the value of shear deformations. Therefore it has an influence, as an employer.

Rotational ductile deformations in the ~nieznik metamorphic complex (Sudetes) – PDF

Panorama Karkonoszy, mapa szlakow turystycznych Polish Edition J Krupski Click here if doj download doesn”t start automatically Karpacz, plan miasta 1: Various numbers of deformation phases of this metamorphic complex were described using classical methods of structural analysis – from three phases D3 up to seven D7for instance: X Have a nice day! This ductile displacement was top-to-northeast in the eastern part of the Snieinik metamorphic complex.

During increase of deformation stage in conditions of simple rotational shearing primary large megacrystals of K-feldspars became more prolate and directionally elongated.

The characteristic feature of such contacts are numerous packages of characteristic quartz mylonites, among others – from Duszniki Zdr6j, Rudawa, Sienna i Goszdw vicinities. Etapy ad progresywnego wzrostu odkszta cenia ze Scinania prostego rotacyjnego ; mylonityczne gnejsy typu Esasons z Miqdzygbna. Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories. Such situation complicates in the case of non-plane deformations, where the volume of rock material changes and in case of possible extension along direction parallel to axes Y or Z of finite deformation ellipsoid.

The Fz folds have formed most frequently in the micaceous schists and paragneisses of the Stronie Group. Our main goal is quality. DonZ. Oberc,; L. The models of dividing the transpression movements for synchronous compressional overthrusts and dextral or sinistral strike-slip displacements, were presented last time in literature see: