And the fact that some viewers have cried during the movie and especially during the scenes of Suzy, proves that her acting was really good. I get that they want to cement a certain aura and feel in the movie, but its boring, tbh. I literally finish it just to enjoy her beautiful face plus to know the ending. So the movie seems to have appealed to some people as well. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods. The English website not updated recently. I personally watched the movie twice and I oddly enjoyed the movie more the second time I watched it.

Posted September 11, I get that they want to cement a certain aura and feel in the movie, but its boring, tbh. Heungseon Daewongun falls in love with Jin Chae Won at his first glance. It’s not so obvious to me, but I’m not an expert so. This movie profile in Daum already changed into this picture. Besides, the movie itself fail to reach climax.

People will never learn, if there no mistake. I like snow scene when SJH waiting for chaeSun. I imagine a tragic scene when Chae Sun comeback and found her teacher died, and later found the song he wrote for her, or the struggle Chae Sun face while living in the palace with a king who adores her so much yet her heart is not for him.

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Sign In Need an account? But if you felt the dubbing is awkward then the fault lies with whoever is in charge of the editing, because there’s zub movie that doesn’ t do some type of “dubbing”. The sound quality of the video was not great, though. More under spoiler The staff tag is so cute Source: Till now, so far, among all the beautiful actresses he has seen, Suzy is prettiest among all.


IMO, Dorihwaga is a beautiful movie.

Have U guys watch Dorihwaga?

Suzy has really done a very good jobshe’s really impressive in this movie, imo. Posted September 17, Same goes with Ahn Jae Hong. Posted August 27, She has definitely learned a lot during the filming dub the movie so I’m really happy and proud of her.

This is because of the role of Kim See Jong a teacher voice of the institute of pansori, and im also learning drum stick. Younha said she cried when Suzy sings the last part of kovie song on the boat, towards the end of the movie and according to her, this movie is the best movie she has seen this year.

Danga are short song, sung to relieve the throat before singing a pansori a traditional Korean musical storytelling performance.

So she help to promote his movie with RTed at her tweet.

By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, There are certain part that I think her performance is decent, but overall, she did an excellent job. I’m going to shoot in second half of the year. No doubt, this is by far her best acting- not to mention the difficulty level is higher. Although her satori was a bit awkward.

Doing so is very time consuming and in some cases quite impossible, you have to check that there’s no inconsistency in the audio throughout the scene, for example, what if the take was perfect but her voice fades doeihwaga at min 1: And it sounds like her voice.


I wanted to watch it only for Suzy but after reading your post On June 16, the production company for Dorihwaga announced through a press release that Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryong have been confirmed for the movie about pansori, Korea folk music.

Up, Up and Away! Reading the comment about Suzy, made my fangirl a bit hurt. Indeed, the only scene that touch me appears at the latter part of the movie where Suzy calls his teacher and doriwaga for the last time.

In my opinion, the movie is quite slow and can be boring especially if sageuk or historical film is not their thing. By babygirrll Started 8 minutes ago.

It was like a car ride, straight and flat, not a roller coaster. Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc. Even Suzy did quite well. Actor Ahn Jae Hong will be a student too.

It also bothers me that a lot of the story happens off-screen, I mean, we want to see the conflict AND the resolution. Posted September 20,