WristWatchReview is the web’s oldest watch blog. Funny thing is, I’ve added 8 new divers since then Damn you Deep Blue and your super sale! The warranty does not cover damage arising from normal wear, scratches, accidents or misuse, or from any alteration, service or repair performed by any party other than Haldor Watches. Check this out guys, new kids on the block. When you purchase those watches, you definitely pay extra money for the brand’s image. Thanks Demo, typically Germanic, i do like pretty much everything Clemens designs.

So, our watches are manufactured in Switzerland according to the strict rules of Switzerland watchmaking, from the preliminary stages to the assembly of each component, quality and technical controls. We made a Swiss Made automatic watch with a technical specification like high-end brands at price level interesting both for enthusiasts and more demanding customers. Thanks to our Swiss manufacturing company, which is able to supply us the Swiss Made ETA at a very competitive price , we were capable to lower the final price of the product. The Super-LumiNova compound on the dial and hands is excellent, and like I wrote above, it is very easy to read—day or night. One micro-brand diver that breaks out of this standard mold quite a bit is the crowdfunded Haldor Abissi m. If this level accuracy continues going forward I will be very pleased. Lining up the Diefendorff Cornelius There are two more shorter links, like shown on photo.

The outer box has an inner box containing a warranty card, bond type Nato strap and a carbon fibre strap with contrast stitching. Please enter your name here. You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. This website uses cookies. Similar Threads Haldor By mcotignola in forum Dive watches. Also included are a carbon fiber-patterned strap and a striped nylon mil-strap. The Abissi is a beast that is not for the faint of wrist, and it has legitimate specs to match but more on that later.


Dial The dial design is well-executed and easy to read, and all the while very familiar. Each of them have their own markup, that is why the final price of the product if significantly higher at the end.

Big congrats on the arrival, I think Haldor has a winner with this piece and wish them success in the future.

It also provides excellent resistance to corrosion. I have taken a photo with the Haldor alongside some other watches that I know many of you will be watcg with for hador. That makes it all the more curious — or interesting, depending on your view — that we caught word of a new higher-end sort of an option showing up over on Indiegogo.

It is large, with deep-machined grooves for an easy grip. What to tell more?

Zirconia is a silica-free, acid-resistant, polycrystalline ceramic that has no amorphous silica glass component. The insert is made of Zirconia ceramic, which is tough as nails. Anyway the movement with black disks haldkr more expensive.


June 27th, 8. Our watches are abbissi at the highest quality standards, but they cannot always fit everyone. The case incorporates a Zirconia ZrO2 ceramic bezel inlay. I am abussi saying that there is a problem with that quite the contraryjust stating a fact.

This apparent dichotomy has a rather good reason or at least what I think is a good reason — smoothing it out makes for a more comfortable watch. This is our great advantage compared to other microbrands in watch industry.


ETA adjusted to top grade. I understand that the watch was designed in Germany but put together in Switzerland. Many of you asked for a black date window for the Haldor Armis.

It really works perfectly, without any problems and keeps your watch safe by falling from your wrist, because it opens only by pressing both security buttons in. The movement is a top-grade ETAadjusted to five positions by Haldor.

Introducing the Haldor Abissi M | Wrist Watch Review

The watch has same specs as the hard coated Armis. Funding period Feb 22, – Mar 24, 30 days. The new bracelet is designed to perfectly fit your wrist. Reaching the goal will help us to start the production, because we have to pay the initial order fee.

Terrible job on that end. We knew from the beginning that the level of expertise and professionality of our partners have to be top notch. Now everything is set up to start the production. March 6th, Our demands were very high and the whole process was no walk in the park. Let’s focus on the details. There are many microbrands claiming to be Swiss Made, but actually they just use Swiss movements.

They met and exceeded their funding goal, and were able to produce their Abissi diver and deliver it to their backers.