By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Who is behind this shield hiding. The scene is changing. You have began that war. And initiated new orders. Iskanadr Shalabi proposes to go to Bagdad quickly. That was not my intention.

Listen carefully, if you want to flee I will do the impossible to help you out and this is a promise. They are interrupted by Kawthar who announces the presence of Afife and Aghas to take Nigar out. They will continue their life as nothing has happened and it was only you and the newborn who suffered. You are commenting using your WordPress. This is on the grounds that few individuals just feels exceptional with new young ladies. Do you believe that your wrongdoings does not reach me?

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Hurrem tells her we need to get rid of Khadija, and Kawthar be the one to kill her. Are you not aware of what your men did? Go on and give your excuse to Afife. Allah has given us a task to protect those people and as we act upon their safety we deserve their love of appreciation.

Hareem Al Sultan Season 2 English Subtitles

I am not a slave in eppisode of you that you can beat. Who is behind this shield hiding. I will show you the best my town has to offer.


But Hurrem says and why should she leave? And due to this leave everything as it is, think of your destiny that is now taking its course step by step without you realizing it. Ibrahim tells Nasukh Effendi that Khadija will not divorce him.

Nobody should know about Nigar, it would be very bad especially towards Ibrahim Pasha. Ibrahim greets Sultan Suleiman on his arrival and welcomes him. Find links to Summaries for Episodes 69 — 78 further down in English.

Saleh, can you tell me of the whereabouts of Julia Gonzaga. And they have taken the punishment they deserve. Hurrem replies that this woman has received her punishment and it ended.

You will become my enemy. Nigar is taken to a quiet room she should reside there until the situation quiets down. I dare you to raise your hand upon me. These frightening eyes belong to whom. I will not accept any advices from a cheater like you.

I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment. If you fight me. Hurrem asks Nigar to leave and allows Afife to enter. Iskandr informs Ibrahim they are ready to depart for Bagdad and await further orders.

Nigar tells kawthar to kill Sultana Khadija and let it appear as suicide. sootan

Hareem al sultan season 2 english subtitles

Iskanadr Shalabi proposes to go to Bagdad quickly. Harem Sultan 2 Season 2 all Episodes. They are interrupted by Kawthar who announces the presence of Afife and Aghas to take Nigar out. I will show you the punishment that comes with threatening someone from a dynasty.


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Do you believe that your wrongdoings does not reach me? Make sure that Nigar does not cross my ways and I will not see a glimpse of her. June 25, at 2: In the spring it will be possible to regain Tabriz.

Notify me of new comments via email. Nobody is going between me and the Sultan. What about you, why did you come? Bergam Agha requested an audience with Hurrem so she is accompanied with her servants and Firuze.

Iskandr gives the proof to his claims about Ibrahim to the Sultan for calling himself Sultan and bearing his own stamp. He says that he received a letter from Rustem Agha which states that Ibrahim has ordered everyone to call him Sultan instead of Pasha.