Shyam in the corridor. When the front door opens, Khushi looks eagerly towards it, only to be disappointed by HP approaching. MAYA 26th Aug – 4: Akash tries to be lovey-dovey but is swiftly sent back to his corner bya alert Naniji Where have you gone? BothArnav and Khushi bend down to pick up the bangle..

Kaha ho aap Arnavji? Ishqbaaz hotstar full episodes. He can read her desire as clearly as he feels his own. Find all the recaps here. At the poolside just off the living room, Khushi paces as she calls struggles with a decision – to call Arnav, or not? Paru 26th Aug – 2:

Why do you need to know? Read my stories to know about me more She is feeling so guilty.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

All the ladies look concerned at the break in tradition and the daring of the normally obedient and respectful Aakash, epiisode Khushi is enjoying herself immensely. Anjali is called back upstairs by Nani, leaving Khushi to pace in the living room – What could have happened? He grabs a spare pillow and blanket the same blanket and pillow Khushi will use in the future and decides to sleep in the guest room.

Akash tries to be lovey-dovey but is swiftly sent back to his corner bya alert Naniji Later, when the doorbell rings, Anjali rushes to 17 it. NK manages to run off, but Aakash is seen fleeing by his Di.


Khushi flatly denies of having made ANY callAsmirking Arnav replays her voicemail where she is heard apologizing. Awesome update dear…… Finally v got to see our diller rockz happy…… Great…. Khushi demands updaye know what he is doing here.

They point to each other when Nani asks them whose idea this was. Hum dil se maafi mangte hai. I think it might take time to roon here.

You just … come back soon. Nifa 26th Aug – Her face is an open book and he can read everything there.

Oh what an epi di……. Khushi inadvertently yelps out ‘A’ She holds his hand and stops him.

The flirtation was unfamiliar territory for both of them, but I love how Arnav took episodw on her and taunted her so the interaction turned into something she was more familiar with. Ishqbaaz hotstar full episodes.

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He stands up – Save me from Bua-ji. Fanficoholic 26th Aug – One of my favourite things about this show is how the foundation for everything we see in until Shyam finally leaves is laid out in the first 20 or so episodes. U will show us lovely romance becoz i dont like vulgur romance aur pehle mene tumhe comment isliye nahi kiya becoz i had no phone but i love ur story so much keep it up but show me arshi scene i love ipkknd serial i missed this serial so much but arshi scene hi nahi hai tumhare ff mein so sad but funny scene hote hein tumhare ff mein jo acche hote hein i love that scene vod bless.


Hum … j-jeet gaye? Page 1 of 1.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon episode hotstar

Join or Log Into Facebook. Khushi hastily realizing what she hadsaid, seeks to recover lost ground by retorting that her concern was onbehalf of Anjali Eutelsat commercializes capacity on 40 satellites located in orbit between degrees West and degrees East. Arnav has turned Khushi into a puddle of mush, and he knows it. What have u done to me. Aruna 26th Aug – 5: Khushi cranes her neck to look for him. The family cancels it and instead performs all the necessary post-wedding rituals for Arnav and Khushi.