The DVD includes 2 volumes of 50 episodes each. Perceval et le contre-sirop The Promise La Promesse V. The Lighthouse Le Phare V. Le repos du guerrier II A barb invited to dinner sings odes far from accurate.

The Shark’s Tooth La Dent de requin Merlin is trying to work a spell on the battlefield, but needs a shark’s tooth. Episode 7 Episodes 31, 32, 33, 34, No keywords are found in the domain name! Bets Les Paris II. Arthur et la Question. Incognito Les Clandestins Arthur and several of his men take refuge in the tavern during a snowstorm. La Grotte de Padraig A dead crow is found in front of the King’s door.

Le Trois de Coeur The troops, however, do not follow the signals or the orders. Le Baiser Romain The Kaamelktt Les Recruteurs V. Perceval fait Raitournelle Les Classes de Bohort. For Book V, the numbering is somewhat different.

Des Nouvelles du Monde No structured data found on www.

Tous les épisodes !

Un bruit dans la nuit Arthur et la Question Lancelot goes with drawn sword to kill Arthur in his bath. Layout should be handled in a serpate css file. Each long episode is divided into scenes, whose titles correspond to the titles of the original 50 episodes. Un peu de douceur dans ce monde de brutes!


Le Code de chevalerie Le Secret de Lancelot. Baraka La Baraka — cf.

La Romance de Lancelot. Loth et le Graal La Mort le Roy Artu A family diner at Kaamelott, where everyone wants to be elsewhere, turn to another pitched battle.

Bets Les Paris II. Like A Knight Tel un chevalier Perceval tries to have a conversation with Arthur but gets lost in the words that might or might not express what he feels. Des Nouvelles du Monde. Oud Arthur finds an Egyptian instrument and plays it to various court members, with various results.

Trackers Les Pisteurs IV. Le Plat National Les Tartes aux myrtilles Restriction La Restriction II. However, Merlin heals the wound. Le Tourment II La Quinte Juste The Intriguer La Conspiratrice V.

Episode List

Corpore Sano II Envoyer un message Offrir un cadeau Suivre Bloquer Choisir cet habillage. The DVD includes 1 volume of 50 episodes and one of 49 the final episode being a double one with no pause.

The Perfect Fifth La Quinte juste — cf. The Penitents Les Repentants V. The Sign Le Signe Fskir L’Arche de Transport Broadcast involved two minute episodes on May 1, epizode, followed by 25 7-minute episodes covering the same material; and one minute episode on November 5,followed by 25 7-minute episodes covering the same material, for a total of 50 episodes.


These episodes are considered to be pilots or experimental episodes. Conspiracy Le Complot II. La Dent de Episose It has the same effect on enemy soldiers, though.

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Perceval Restarts from Fifteen Perceval relance de quinze Perceval and Karadoc play Cul de Chouette a simple dice game with the taverner, but Perceval tries to explain a game he knows better, a Welsh game. Les Chiens de Guerre. Azenor Azenor Arthur acquires a new mistress Emma de Cauneswho sees the post as a way to becoming queen. La Mort le Roy Artu