We gotta get her out of there. We gotta get this thing cleaned up. Last run’s at seven and it’s seven. No way to be sure. They’re gonna get their pickup. What the hell’s that? You Right this way, miss. Come on, take a look.

Won’t believe your eyes. Now, I wonder what the hell they were smoking when they cooked this up. You Right this way, miss. Hey, where you going? I don’t know; maybe husband Biff ran off with the nanny. Only open from the inside. Yeah, but how did Logan pick it up again?

Well, epiaode he’s smart and wants to go back to the water, where he can breathe and no one wants him dead.

No, no, no, no.

Doesn’t look like White’s secret facility to me. Looks pretty shady to me. God, it’s like this exoskeleton weighs a ton.

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We’re gonna get her back. Looks like some kinda gills. What do you mean, “real”? She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny. We came together, remember?

Logan’s cousin told me her daughter just got over a case of chicken pox. Come on, it was just a false alarm. We thought he splis one of White’s guys. He should be inside by now. Whatever they cooked up must be pretty nasty. I mean, she got caught once. Okay, go get him. You know what I mean.


Shiny Things

Probably designed for amphibious sabotage. We arranged to ship her out tonight. She – she does like you. Either way, White’s got her, and that doesn’t work for me. There’s no such word.

Get yourself a dance. We snagged a floater. That’s a risk I’m willing to take. At the hospital, I kinda came across a chapel they got there, and sorta sat down for a minute.

What did they do with it? Well, if you don’t go all the way out to sector twelve, you’re gonna miss workin’ here, potatohead! Show what you got.

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No, no, show what you got, spllsh. Thank you for using Jam Pony. Well, even if you get past the perimeter guards without drawing attention, gotta figure White’s got guys posted at the entrances.

As a matter of fact, I think I do. Look, either way, we’re not getting her out of here alive as long as he’s around. He can’t figure it, since he should have immunity from when he got it as a kid, but hey – spllish take the win, right? You don’t have a ride. There’s no ladies allowed inside – not unless they’re working. And they all lived happily ever after.


What the hell’s that? See, this is what I love about the girls in this place, fellas. Play back the last few minutes. That place knew what it was doing.

Dark Angel s02e08 Episode Script

He episove my ass! I mean, what’s wrong with a happy ending once in a while? What are you doing? Come on, you want to be inside. There should be an underwater drainpipe. No, it’s not seven. Three identical vans left sector nine after the raid on the bar.

There’s no way you could have known that.