Sign up for free! We just beat him up because he pissed us off! Meanwhile, the Fourth Raikage learns of Taka’s action as is livid that they stole his brother. Nagato finishes reviving everyone he had killed and dies due to running out of chakra. It was there that Minato revealed himself as Naruto’s father, making Naruto further conflicted on why his own father made him a jinchuriki. Pain’s Naraka Path displays its mysterious power against two leaf shinobi while Konohamaru Sarutobi watches in horror.

The episode was great, and I like the story, so I enjoy most of the talking scenes as well. Naruto attempts to merge with Fukasaku, so that he can move in Sage Mode while Fukasaku gathers Nature Energy for him. Naruto throws another Rasen-Shuriken but it’s absorbed by a revived Preta Path. These were made by my awesomely cool friend illmadz: With Naruto, it’s always been a lot of hard work until he gets new jutsu.. The fillers were so long I’m kind of glad they did the recap. New Rasengan variations are sick and the fight with all of the Kages should be epic. Because when Naruto finally ends, I don’t want to regret anything.

This causes Nagato to decide to put his faith in Naruto as he perform a technique that will revive all those that he killed in the Hidden Leaf with Konan considered on the consequences of its use. The fourth feature film, Rasenshufiken Shippuden The Movie: Pain decides to fall back from the village toward where Nagato is to trap Naruto with Planetary Devastation, a powerful jutsu that the Sage of Six Paths used to create the moon, to trap the Jinchuriki within a miniature moon in midair.


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After seeing Hanzo the Salamander battle the Three Sannin, they set out to find the three ninja so that they can be taught ninjutsu. Shippuden Season 8 Season 8 Cover. BBCode “No matter how much of a genius one is, in front of the Uchiha name, they’re just ordinary people. Naruto owns the battlefield!

The beggining was a bit stupid, but it was overally Ok. Why are trees growing out of defeated white Zetsus?

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With Naruto, it’s always been a lot of hard work until he gets new jutsu. Pain then impales several Chakra receivers into Naruto’s body, immobilizing him to be manipulated by Nagato. Tsunade classifies Rasen Shuriken as forbidden due to the potential damage to himself I assume sage mode removes this self damaging potential.

Ahhh I wanted to see in this episode Gara saying he is the kazekage, now i have to wait one week for it Fukasaku has Naruto beginning his training by using “toad oil” to help him gather energy, whacking him and his clones with a special club to prevent them from becoming toads.

Because when Naruto finally ends, I don’t want to regret anything. It sort of ruined the mood.

Shippuuden Episode Discussion. BBCode “There are three things you can never get back: Minato appears within Naruto’s psyche, revealing himself to a chakra imprint of the actual Fourth Hokage as he takes Naruto to another part of his mind to discuss things away from the furious Nine Tails.


Naruto, heart-broken of learning Jiraiya’s death by the hands of Wpisode, walks off and recalls his time with his mentor.

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I think i stopped watching during the fillers, should i go back and watch them? Angered with his hypocrisy, Naruto throws a finally completed Rasen-Shuriken at the remaining Paths of Pain. OrangeU OrangeU 5 years ago 2 Not really. Meanwhile Hidden Rain Ninja begin their pursuit.

New Rasengan variations are sick and the fight with all of the Kages should be epic. Naruto confronts Pain as his other five Paths reappear.

Naruto continues to fight back the remaining paths, but is captured by Preta Path. Yondaime no Isan o Sagase – Zenpen ” Japanese: I’m mni positive when Naruto really does become friends the ninetails that “I let you do shadow clones before” ever even comes out if so show me where I’m wrong. Preview Manga Manga Store. Or maybe Kyuubi really got friendly?

As Tsunade protecting them failed, Danzo kills the messenger frog from getting to Naruto. Naruto Next Generations Boruto episodes.

DemonicDraco DemonicDraco 5 years ago 9 Spoilers But Naruto starts breaks free to Pain’s shock, now in a monstrous eight-tailed state. Naruto was damn awesome and overpowered!!