I am a purveyor of fine fantasy. I was happy to see him, even if Eirual’s perfume still clung to his neck; he had begged curcease from his frustrations at more than one table, it seemed. I’m not sure, maybe. May 25, Joanka marked it as abandoned Shelves: In the final book, Shards of Time is introduced a wholly positive Plenimaran character, the woman doctor who is humane and dedicated to healing people and who is opposed to slavery and descended from a like-minded family. You will never see original Nightrunner fiction again, and I will have been robbed of a very happy occupation. I read Stalking Darkness a dozen times, and I really liked it.

Seregil and Alec are kidnapped by Zengati slavetraders, and bought by a Plenimaran alchemist. The very first scene is in the prison followed by Seregil and Alec’s escape. Tirien must have smelled innocent blood a mile away. Now Alec was quite certain he was dealing with a lunatic. When they reach the city they meet up with Seregil’s partner, Micum. They thawed my cold, a heart thought long dead – and then free from the mundane, she bore me up where the rainbow blooms bright.

Then the guards bring a new prisoner and throw him in with Alec.

Luck in the Shadows

After her older sisters leave home, she helps her mother with Luthas and Gherin and running the household. I can say seriew the idea here is a good one and the book gives me hope that I might like the next better It has a standard Medieval Europe-type setting, complete with wizards, elves she can call ngihtrunner whatever she wants, they’re ELVES, okay, only without pointy earsand various other mythical creatures. It’s one of those books that I’m glad I read for the experience, but I don’t love it nightruhner it took me 6 days not reading at all for 1 day to finish which really pissed me off.

Later, I deduced the reason for his distraction, or rather, I saw him: I’m not sure, maybe.

So, read it, and love it, and have book two ready beside it. And if he was really a nutcase, it seemed inhumane to get him thrown into the slammer.

I mean, come on, guys are, you know, GUYS. For those who are new to the Flewelling list, this whole controversy started back inwhen your Nighturnner Author got unexpectedly caught between US contract law, fan enthusiasm and in a few rare and isolated but rather upsetting cases, frightening arroganceand Herself’s own personal feelings on the matter.


They thawed my cold, a heart thought long dead – and then free from the mundane, she bore me up where the rainbow blooms bright. For once, Alec was speechless. If there’s one thing in this world I truly appreciate, it’s loyalty. Nysander and see if he can’t shed some light on this.

Having no design on the throne, she does not use the occasion of being in command of the victorious army after Queen Phoria’s death in battle to seize power for herself. Runcer is a full-time butler who lives in and cares for the house. Alec starts the story trapped in a cell and accused of being a spy, but he’s not the fafic they are nightrunned for and he knows that he needs to escape becuase the other prisoner with him looks pretty close to death from all the torture But when they stumble across evidence of a plot pitting Queen Phoria against Princess Klia, the two Nightrunners will find their loyalties torn as never before.

Chapter 10 Oxygen This was quite all right, but it’s sort of a prequel slash intro to a big and complex world, and the sequel is even better.

Our first character is Alec who is a young man who lost his father earlier in the year and has been living off the land foraging. Seregil got up and walked over to sit in the armchair. General Phoria is also the Princess Royal. Then tomorrow, we’ll go see Mr. Another application of oo’lu music is to hide the witch himself and people he wants to protect and render them effectively invisible to pursuing enemies.

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And because I have hundreds of interesting books waiting on the shelves, my most heroic feat of is abandoning this series right now and not after seven one-star reviews.

However, the reality is far less harmonious. At the same time, a traitorous plot against the Queen seems to be unfolding, and Seregil must solve it quickly; before he is found guilty of treason himself. Seregil is shocked to find himself in modern daywhere he bumps into modern day Alec who does not seem to know who he is.


He took a breath and closed the door with a quiet clatchhis hand resting on the wood before he steeled himself to turn and face Alec. I am told he once was a courtesan himself, though that was long before I came here, perhaps before I was even born. Both Astellus and Bilairy are associated with death; Astellus is said to be ferrying the souls of the departed up to Bilairy’s Gate, which seems like an effort to harmonize gods derived from different pantheons.

A hockey game was on, but the way Seregil jumped back with alarm was priceless. Veil Runner by BeelzWrites Fandoms: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

In fact, absent the gay love story at the heart of the series, I’d never have given the books a second glance. Main Content While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

I also liked that we saw political and territorial divisions of people which meant that the world felt more expansive and it gave good reasons for war and the like. Her work is popular amongst slash fans as a few of her book characters are bisexual. No one has permission to use my work in any way.

His solitary existence is disrupted when he is arrested by the local lord accused of being a spy. Maybe things take place later in the series and I have heard it mostly happens off-pagebut in this book?

The nobility lives mainly in urban villas or at the Royal court, drawing on the income of their estates for a life of luxury, but no longer have their own armed forces – a situation reminiscent of Western Europe in the 17th or 18th Century. I know Lynn Flewelling does not approve of fanfiction, so I apologise in advance.

The world-building, however, was well done.