What is now the Roupell Street Conservation area began in the mid ‘s when John Palmer Roupell, a gold refiner, began erecting modest, two-storey abodes on what had, up to that point, been marsh land on the south side of the River Thames. In fact, you can almost feel as though you’ve stumbled into your very own Brigadoon, and you want to get as many photos of them as you can before the mysterious 19th century houses and shops disappear for another hundred years! The entire building consists of five departments, where the children of the mechanic will receive a sound education, while those of persons in better circumstance will be kept entirely select. The familiar Gothic fripperies of the complex are so familiar that we often forget how comparatively modern it is. I first came across this beautiful street while a tube strike was in progress — disruption to my usual route to work meant that I had travelled on a National Rail service into Waterloo, and had then covered the rest of my journey to work on foot. The houses on Whittlesey Street and Theed Street include some larger, double-fronted terraces, such as the house pictured below.

Action movies Jack Ryan: Many happy memories of the area. Now it has become the new Chelsea and nearly everyone of the original people live outside London. For many years it lay dilapidated, used only for film shoots and music videos. Maud has to visit the ‘West End’: Myddelton Square, Islington, London N1.

It was meant for the ordinary working people not thr rich. When word spreads that the elusive Suffragette leader herself is going to address a public meeting, the Suffragettes gather in Myddelton SquareIslingtonLondon N1, to hear an inspiring speech delivered by Emmeline Pankhurst Meryl Streep from the sgreet of 18 Myddelton Square.

Apart from the famous curry houses of nearby Brick Lane, Spitalfields is now the centre of a lively arts and entertainment strset. Maud has to visit the ‘West End’: Transport For London Visit: The cottages are terraced and the streets themselves retain many period features, including lamp posts, historic black and white iron bollards, and granite kerbstones, and are popular with productions representing the Georgian era up to the s and 70s.

I was born in Peabody Buildings many years rouppell and Roupell Street was outside the buildings. All data, information, and maps are provided “as is” without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness.

Turning off the busy Waterloo Road into a maze of residential streets, following the people heading in the direction of the City, I found myself on Roupell Street and felt as though I had stepped back in time.


The exterior is the more familiar environs of the Chatham Historic Dockyardin Kent. Again, several different locations are blended together. The school itself closed in the early Sixties to be redeveloped into apartments, but the old cellars remain. There are a set of guidelines in place that have been developed by the LFO in partnership with the Lambeth Estate Residents Association.

Windmill Walk, Doctor Who Locations http: Roupell St is part of the Lambeth Estate, which features streets of Georgian cottages originally designed and built in the s for artisan workers. The large-scale development of the railway terminus at Waterloo after it first opened in swept away entire streets, particularly when the huge station we see today was built at the beginning of the 20th Century.

There are corner shops and pubs, that are more reminiscent of a Northern industrial town than they are of the busy South Bank district of London, and stepping into this historic knot of streets is as close as we can hope to get to venturing back in time to glimpse the streets of London as they were in the 19th century.

But then, on Saturday 30th May,disaster almost ended the project before the houses could be let out to the artisan workers they were intended for.


The survival of such a street surprised me, as this area of London was devastated first by the expansion of the railways, and later in the Blitz. The modest two-story terraced houses have no front gardens, which shows their low status at the time when they were built.

I used to read the lesson on Sunday prayers, the priest was a Rev Burfield who was blind. Pepperpot towers, Gothic splendour and Parisian stained glass: When I was at school in London in the mid s, streets like this seemed to be everywhere. One street that should escape London developers Like Like.

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Heathrow Airport ; Gatwick Airport Visit: I used to be scared using the outside loo. My 2x great grandfather George Winch and his family lived in Roupell Street around The familiar Gothic fripperies of the complex are so familiar that we often forget how comparatively modern it is.

Suffragette | Film Locations

The major place of detention for women prisoners in London was Holloway Prison roupelo North Londonnow closed but which had already been modernised rilm too much to be used for filming. The school se not only for the educational needs of the district’s children, but also for those of the adults as well.

There follows the inevitable police interest and, after a further arrest, Maud is not only thrown out by her husband but also loses her job at the laundry. On Wednesday she went home, and had her supper with her family, as usual, having 6rst taken two pills. My father was the manager of the hairdressers on the corner of Roupell st, and worked there from until Impossible — Rogue Nation while the Middle Temple appears in countless productions. The interior was built in the huge workshop at The Factory in Highfield OvalHarpendenabout 25 miles north of sett Londonin Hertfordshire.


The exercise yard where the women bemoan the sacrifices they are required to make, and where Maud first meets Emily Wilding Davison Natalie Press who goes on to be roupelk a pivotal figure in the story, is the Victorian Horsley Towers, Ockham Road South near Leatherhead in Surrey. Initially, Mr, Roupell, evidently, had dynastic ambitions for his new development, since the streets were initially named after himself and various members of his immediate family.

Sadly I have been unable to find further reports on the death of poor Emma Whintle, so the cause must remain a mystery – although I suspect it may have had something to do with either her occupation as a hat maker, or with the two pills that she took on the night prior to her death.

Although those long ago locals have left no visible signs of their presence here, every so often they crop up in fiml newspapers of the age; and we get vague insights into their everyday lives and, in some cases, the tragedies they endured. The film conjures up early 20th Century England by the use of astonishing period locations, largely in London and Southeast England.

The Roupell Street Conservation Area – A Time Capsule Enclave

Cornhill, City of London, EC3. Notify me of new posts via email. He died in and his wife Sarah died instill at No 15 Richard Street. However, as London grew and became more and more built up, it was found that a lot of streets were named after landowners and their families, and to avoid confusion the streets around Roupell Street were renamed in the late 19th Century. Collectively, these streets are known as the Lambeth Estate. And the element of class is airbrushed out. The Flower Girl Summerstown More properly, this is the Elizabeth Tower — Ben is the enormous bell it houses which chimes the hour.