However, Kazuto’s mother and sister each bring coffee and cookies, interrupting his special moment with Narue. Koji Yusa as Shimada. This, however, is t Hitomi Sano Sound Director: Tadashi explained to Narumi that he was an alien studying how the various cultures and populations of Earth can coincide peacefully, contrasting from that of Nihon. Mamiko Noto as Narue Nanase. Join our spunky heroine as she faces androids, alien invaders, and her first date with the boy next door. Shigeru Shibuya as Tadashi Nanase age

ArtRodriguez All reviews 47 people found this review helpful. Chiba, Saeko Theme Song Performance. Tim Werenko Media Coordinator: Kazuto jumps in to save her, but they both drop into a waterfall. Ashida, Toyoo Director, Key Animation. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Golden Wind 19 Kaguya-sama:

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Narue wants to become a bride one day, just like her late mother. The four wait all night long until Narue epsiode up the next day, much to Kanaka’s happiness. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Kazuto and his friend Masaki Maruo learn the girl is Spisode Nanasea schoolmate in a neighboring class. The show is about the trials and tribulations of the young couple as they get to know each other. Kazuto and Narue struggle to fight against the space ninjas.


It’s the sci-fi comedy that’s a direct hit to your heart.

Clannad Episode 8 English Sub

A live action film was released on July 12, Mandy Bonhomme as Yuki Kashiwazaki. Josh Mosby as Akio Shimada.

Kanaka, who believes that no one cares about her, is told by Kazuto that Narue was really looking forward to meeting her. Only the first 3 volumes were released in US bookstores and are currently out of print. As with its predecessor, both series are known for their abundance of fan service in the form of panty shots.

Yuka Komatsu as Kazuto’s Sister. Angel Manga Heads Toward Climax Retrieved from ” https: With Maruo’s help, Kazuto follows Narue to return the baseball bat to her and asks her out for tea while thanking her for saving him the day before.

Even though Narue wins the contest, yet does not accept the prize money, Kazuto tells her that he likes her just the way she is.

Kyoko continue to bully Yagi by writing a message about her and Kazuto on the chalkboard, but Narue shows up to erase the message and leaves without saying a word.

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Kanako Tateno as Kyoko Kudo. Justin Sevakis Packaging Design: Rei is more composed than either Rin or Ran but when surprised she can fire missiles in an instant.

[English sub] The World of Narue 成恵の世界 Episode 10

Aya Yamakawa as Kazuto’s Mother. In his bedroom, Kazuto shows Narue how his computer works, from turning on the operating system to printing out a screensaver.


Tomohiro Marukawa Character Design: Always try to have a positive mindset. Tail Messathe head inspector of the Galaxy Federation, tells Narue wor,d she and Tadashi must soon leave this world and return to the planet Nihon. The World of Narue Japanese: Narue Nanase 12 episodes, Jiro Saito as Avalon C. Yagi now knows that Narue and Kanaka are related, which is a letdown on her part.

She thinks Narue is only eng,ish to be an alien in order to be popular, and acts hostile towards dubb, demanding that Narue prove she is an alien. Ayaka Yamashita as Student E ep 5. Due to her misbehavior, Kanaka has her wristband device confiscated by Bathyscaphe, who states that they were all involved in a virtual reality game.

Kanaka Nanase 9 episodes, Edit Did You Know? With the encouragement of his friend, Masaki Maruo, Izuka asks Narue out on a date. Maria Kawamura as Narumi Mutsuki. Bathyscaphe 8 episodes, Mena Roberts Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Official Narue no Sekai Website Japanese.

Bathyscaphe has detected mind control pulses coming from Rin, who is really an android. Start your free trial.