As I already said, we unfortunately hit a point now where this makes no more sense for me, see you in 40 years, maybe youve grown up then! Now that i hopefully cleared this up: Which, thankfully for this country, allows you to do so…for better or worse. You presented yourself like an asshole, and got the response you did. Every kind of funny is represented from situational, slapstick, and pure dialog driven humor. American Pie 2 2. Anyway, awesome countdown James—your final 10 are almost the same as mine.

Not every teacher looks at the clock all the time. I can also think of some cliches I dislike including some horror ones , but I’m not about to claim he doesn’t know movies because he doesn’t choose to note them – this is his list of tropes he thinks are overused. Needing to resort to chest-pounding and adolescent tactics on the internet to give yourself a sense of worth. Jurassic Park 9. It made you wonder if Gene Wilder was calling in favors because his bank account was running low. Do you ever consider the fact that grown adults watch Disney animated features because it brings them back to their childhood? Those movies changed the whole fricking movie-world!

The Secret of N. I need to learn restraint, I suppose. The Crow 5. However, attempting to talk clcihes to a shallow mind is like swimming against a current. Just Between You and Me 6. I just watched the 7 Faces of Dr. Judgment Day Needs no explanation on this site 6.

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Monty Pithon and the Holy Grail 8. Judgment Day Every kind of funny is represented from situational, slapstick, and pure dialog driven humor. I have to cpiches with your 1 choice, nothing in my entire life has made me laugh harder than watching Mad World. Thanks for the list, I was pleased that I have seen some of the movies myself, and now I know some other interesting movies I should see and will surely enjoy.


And there is always somebody using it. Are you to stupid to use google? Anyway, as this is my first comment on your site I figured id just get that out of the way. La Dolce Vita a. I am really interested in the next two movies now as well.

Some great newer movies: The Lion King has some of the best character development in any Disney movie, in my opinion: It may or may not work today, depending on the phone. It has it all, a true ballet of film-making. The move is that you watch fucking disney movies. It would be very interesting if you put up lists of certain genres, though I understand you lean more towards horror and classics.

Until then, chin up. Sunset Boulevard The Hobbit might be temporary Last Tango in Paris 5. It made you wonder if Gene Wilder was calling in favors because his bank account was running low. Citizen Kane 1. Knowing your material and conveying it intelligently particularly in your movie reviews makes the content that much more dynamic.

Full Metal Jacket 9. If you want, you can show your age again and attack my mother for liking those movies. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas kicks ass. BksHulk wtf this is slowly getting annoying im gonna post the comment i was talking about one last time again and if u cant manage to respond then this will be my last comment: As an overall movie does it hold up?


This Is My Top Am I an asshole to make you realize this? Besides, challenging James is a bad idea. I could easily see 1 coming.

Now on to my real comment….

If you want people to take you seriously in this world, you have to learn to address them like an adult. Mar 25th at I prefer it that way. Mar 28th at 8: Wo Hu Cang Long a. Even if you said something intelligent, noone would take you seriously… and you probably dont know what acknowledge means: It was done very well, of course, but the original trilogy has a charme that no computer generated effects will ever cilches. Anyone care to identify what tropes are tol discussed here?

I really enjoyed watching this top 30 of your James. Guess we all need some for of release. The Outlaw Josey Wales 1.

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Connection between filmmaker and audience. Did I touch a sensitive spot, huh? They took one of the greatest comedies of all time and just took a massive shit all over it. JAmes, you should keep an updated list on the site just in case you want to add movies you forgot so we can keep up with that.