Twilight , The Twilight Saga: Positive —One guy commenter here said that he was really offended that Jacob was constantly shown without a shirt. It is not at ALL comparable to porn! There is a lot open for discussion! Eclipse was not only boring but offensive. But we know the Lord wants to fill us. Just as what we take into our bodies in the way of food becomes part of us only a portion is eliminated , likewise with what we listen to and watch.

Positive —I loved this movie! Bella states it is simply a piece of paper and two-thirds of people end in divorce. As children of the light, we are commanded to not to have anything to do with the darkness. We are complete in Christ. There is a lot more violence in this movie, but I found the sexual content much more offensive. Jesus Christ will satisfy us, not vampires or werewolves. So then, let us not be like others who are asleep but let us be alert and self-controlled.

Then, consider walking in its truths. Thankfully Edward stopped him and said he wanted to wait until marriage. The character of Bella sets the wrong example for teenage girls on what love really means. In the novels, Bella and Edward share much more attraction than portrayed in the first two films. Lust is a problem whether you are male or female.

videvimu I agree with the reviewer that most of it was left to the imagination as the camera would look away from the violence most of the time. If you answered no to any or all of these questions, then I think it is clear now as to what you must do.

We are teaching young girls the absolute wrong circumstances for a relationship and qualities to seek, and more importantly to tolerate from a man.


As to the quality of the film, in general, I have seen low-budget films with less sub-par acting.

Near the end of the film, there is battle scene between the newly born and the joined forces of the Cullens and the Quileute wolves. I adore Esme in this movie, she is so sweet. May God set those free who have realized that they made a mistake in viewing this movie, or others like it Harry Potter series, etc. How far is too saaya

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Find answers in our popular TeenQs section. God draws us to Him with His love. Personally I have some strong concerns uux the obsession our culture seems to have currently over vampires, but decided to see it for myself after reading the reviews. I loved this movie a whole lot! Parents should heed the PG rating.

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I had to pray and ask God to take it away. I have read the books, so I knew what to expect before going to see it. Talk to your parents before going to the cinema. Since she is a young believer without much time to learn and grow, it saddened me to see what this movie has influenced her to believe. And I have eaten many other kinds of cookies, as well.

And ya know what? Just as we have an appetite for things that saxga like, and want more of them, kissing leads to more than just kissing. They have eternal life, as well, because nothing can kill them but a silver bullet.


What really matters is what does the Savior think and say about what we set before our eyes? I, also, approve of saving sex for marriage, that was shown in the film. Watch movies that bring praise and glory to God and that will mature you in your walk with Christ. Marriage is discussed multiple times throughout the film.

I find it jus that so many teens are not only familiar with the Twilight Saga, they are fans of it. That night Bella begins to kiss Edward on the bed, unbuttoning his shirt. Breaking Dawn Part II Elaine Dalton, age 17 USA.

As Christians, we are not complete by having a girlfriend or a boyfriend, a viddviku or a husband. Positive —Steamier… profaner… violent-er. Neutral —I guess I was just a little disappointed in this movie.

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The action was sweet, the swearing—not so bad, though the kissing scenes were too much. And we have to keep submitting them to God! Our fleshly appetites are insatiable, unless and until we submit them to God. However, it never mentions the word rape or shows any scenes of the attack. It is not at ALL comparable to porn! saaaga

As children of the light, we are commanded to not to vdeviku anything to do with the darkness. With that said, I thought the movie had quite a few negatives.