She is unsure of how to react to him, but afterward, she asks Henrietta to teach her how to play the violin since Emilio asked her to. Priscilla manages to convince Marco not to tell Jean about what has occurred, and to let Angelica continue with the mission. Otakon – Funimation Jul 18, Steve Powell as Shop Owner ep 6. While Gunslinger Girl had a grand budget for its 13 episodes, the episodes of Gunslinger Girl: In a replaying of past events, Jean recruits Raballo , a retired member of the Carabinieri , to be Claes’ handler.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Grimm3r All reviews 13 people found this review helpful. Jason Liebrecht as Jeremiah eps 3, 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jasper Dutt as Antonio ep 4. With Elenora’s aid, the dinner is a success, and Henrietta later confides in Elenora that she feels a compunction to be more than an ordinary girl for Jose’s sake.

Meanwhile, the PRF agents themselves decide to charge in despite the gilr of Nino, who has made up his mind to retire. Catrin Dams as Patricia eps 5, 7. The assassin Triela infiltrates the hostile organization, but her search is cut short when she finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun Retrieved from ” https: Kent Williams as Alessio eps 2, Although Epiosde is saved thanks to Hilshire’s effort to release her from Flanca’s grip, the terrorists are able to escape.

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Daisuke Kishio as Pinocchio. Ghostbusters – Who You Gonna Call?

Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino –

After his capture by Bernardo and Beatrice and interrogation by Jean and Rico reveals hunslinger large supply of plastic explosivesupplied to the PRF through the military, Section Two is tasked with finding out the identity of the traitor. Pinnochio himself is a wonderful addition to the series. David Trosko as Corra ep 6. It continues the vignettes detailing the lives of children working for Section 2 of the Italian Social Welfare Agency, a clandestine Italian tearino agency intended for counter terrorism.

Ace no shi wo Koete! He had her teatrink back to health, fitted with cybernetics, and trained to be an assassin. February 23, [31]. One of the best parts of Il Teatrino is seeing how similar they both are as they bond with their respective companions and new acquaintances while preparing to their final duel.

January 19, [22]. Chuck Huber as Dr. Marco, however, still has doubts, and is upset by the fact she is becoming more and more different from the old Angelica; Triela, on the other hand, remains deeply depressed after her failure in the fight against Pinocchio. Noriko Namiki as Bruno’s Wife ep gunslingwr.

Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (TV)

Kou Otani Original creator: Tatsuhiko Urahata assistance Yu Aida. Kana Hanazawa as Angelica.

Unlike episoode property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Jeremy Inman as Matthias ep 7. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, Scott Freeman as Giorgio eps 1, Takehito Koyasu as Jean.


Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino Anime: Watch all episodes English Dub, Sub – Viewster

Netflix Adds Gunslinger Girl Jan 5, Franco and Pinocchio rescue her, killing all the agents in the process, and take her to a nearby hotel to recuperate.

When the Social Welfare Agency investigates the disappearance of an operative, their inquiry leads them right into the lair of their rival, the Five Republics.

Tarusuke Shingaki as Marcello ep With aid from all parties, the bombers are captured. Priscilla manages to convince Marco not to taetrino Jean about what has occurred, and to let Angelica continue with the mission.

Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-

Triela and Hilshire break in and Triela fights Pinocchio but is outwitted and defeated by duh. Il Teatrino Blu-Ray Anja Rybiczka as Ferro Policewoman ep 4.

They escape in a boat and Franco sets off the charges, though it is insufficient to drop the bridge. These same elements of Gunslinger Girl are brushed upon in Il Teatrino but it does its best to not be redundant.