You’re like the Stephanie McMahon of Telamericorp. This isn’t one of them chlorine pools, is it? I hope one of the other changs takes it over. Do you know how idiotic that is? I always had Alice pegged as a size queen. I know, it just seemed like you could use a friend.

We could fry some bagels. That’s probably why she’s always throwin’ faces at me like Mm-mm, what? I’ll still do it. That brain-dead water jockey? These aren’t eatin’ fish. So long, Gilly Nelson. He’s basically like a roided-out version of me, and I’m not roided out, Jillian.

I’m just having a rough time, you know, looking for love or whatever. Thank you so much. It says here you had sex with a chick at Juilliard?

I know how to settle this. It was stupid for me to come anyway. Have a good one. That’s what I’m sayin’. On the inside, little fella. That’s it, I’m gettin’ outta here. Oh, don’t be shocked. Okay, I’m sorry to waste your time. Well, you know why Alice is so peeved, right? It goes so far away from your body. That was, like, wow.


This isn’t one of them chlorine pools, is it? So all I’ve gotta do is give her my [bleep] deep, and she’ll stop being such a k-word. I just don’t s004e02 we’re compatible, age-wise or whatever.

Okay, um, what are you, fresh off your garbage route, Girthquake? I’ve got a milk delivery for miss Alice Murphy. So long, Gilly Nelson.

Workaholics s04e02 Episode Script | SS

I’m gonna give you some. That brain-dead water jockey? Pull your prick through your zipper, and don’t you dare kiss me. Like wait, what do you mean? I just feel like I’d be more comfortable in regular clothes.

Do you need to torque up or anything? I’m gonna do dick in a box. They like to be [grunting] Collectively, we’ve had sex with 17 different women. Then, what was that face all about? You don’t wanna get me all worked up again, do you? Mm, no, better to do it here ’cause it’s kinda where we met. Well, today’s been a whole waste of wprkaholics. Get that fruit out of your face.


It’s just you’re not supposed to bend down. Healing power of love, baby. Uh, a workaholjcs of hockey fights, drum solos.

You know, you were actually kinda sweet tonight. We’re gonna honor my Koi boys so, you s04ee02, they can be with me at all times. Are you kidding me?

Workaholics s04e02 Episode Script

Can we just all keep it real at the exact same moment here? We’ll let you know. You will not be needing this. Please give me another chance. You don’t have a loaf, and that’s exactly what she needs. Oh, well, I don’t think it was his brain she was attracted to, if you get my drift. Thanks for bringing me back here to get my keys.

Alice has [bleep] cancer?