The process pressure you entered will now appear on the third display line. Auto Calibration Card Leds The aspirator should pull 2 to 3 inches WC at 5 psig. Memory Is Corrupted Limit is 20 characters. If flow is indicated when no solenoids are energized, a solenoid is stuck open. Only a qualified electrician should make electrical connections and ground checks.

Page If you specified a recovery time, the system will display the recovery time remaining: See Figure , Sensor Board. Check that neither furnace lead is short circuited to the metal furnace cover. Page The system will confirm your enabling or disabling selection: Power Requirements VA max. System Calibrating Indicates that a system calibration is in progress.

The warranty shall not apply to any equipment or part thereof which has been tampered with or altered after leaving our control or which has been replaced by anyone except us, or which has been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse or improper use.

Limit is 20 characters. Be sure to allow enough time for the gases to stabilize when you define these times. The data string is of the form: Display Line 4 reserved for full text error and diagnostic messages. eeries

Reconnect the detector leads to the sensor board. Before you call the factory for technical support, run test gases and record the following values you may be asked by the factory to provide this information when receiving service: We shall examine such returned equipment, and if it is found to be defective as a result of defective materials or workmanship, it shall be repaired or replaced as aforesaid.

Maintain the pressure and flow as directed on the Z-purge warning label. The gas then travels into the hot-wire methane detector flow block where it contacts the methane sensor. Removing any part of the sensor plumbing can allow process gases and gases of high temperature to escape into the sensor.


When you have adjusted the pressure and flow for the span gas to the desired levels, press Enter. Mounting dimensions for the hinged style enclosure, includ- ing the Z-purge option, are provided in Figure Select Current Output 1 or Current Output 2.

Ametek Thermox Series WDG-IVC Manuals

Select sfries Analog Range key. Ac Power Checks System Messages Indicates that a system verification is in progress. Enter process pressure value. It will appear during the entire automatic calibration cycle or during the recovery period of a remote or manual calibration. Setting this value corrects oxygen measurements for the defined pressure. Enter the Alarm 6 set point value.


You are prompted to enter the zero gas value: Echo A The echo command is used to test deries serial protocol and line integrity.

Slip the new furnace onto the cell housing and attach the cell housing using the convection loop mounting clamp. Remove and discard the plug from the probe heater port as shown in Figure Calibration Combustibles and Methane Options You will be prompted to enter the new combustibles span gas duration time: Chapter 5 Calibration The Service Alarm connections are labeled as follows: The system monitors the digital input, and when the switch aketek, it sends the system into an automatic calibration.

Page If you specified a recovery time, the system will display the recovery time remaining: Variable Table Variable Table The following pages provide a summary of the variable locations, name, and descriptions available.


From the Setup menu, select Display. Open thermocouple Thermocouple Checks Remove power to the control unit and the sensor.

The Thermox catalytic methane detector will detect methane gases present in a sample. Using an Ohm meter, check for short circuits of the heater coil to the metal thermocouple sheath.

Ametek Thermox Series 2000 WDG-IVC Manuals

You are prompted to reenter the password to verify it. Response is to calibration gas.

If you have the combustibles option, you can also use analog output ports 3 and 4. Do not perform this type of calibration unless specifically instructed to do so.

Ametek Thermox Series 2000 WDG-IV User Manual

Hydrocarbons When hydrocarbons are present in the gas sample, a combustion process occurs when this gas sample is exposed to the high temperature of the zirconia cell.

If you just replaced a thermocouple, check the leads from the thermocouple to the sensor board: Install the new combustibles detector with nut and ferrules.

If for any reason you are not happy with the thermlx you received, please contact me and I will do everything I can including a full refund after I receive the item. Areas Of The Control Unit Basic Elements Of The Sensor Series alarm contact connections.

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