Other than slipstreaming, there are three keys areas of this track that I think are the most important for lowering your lap time. The S saves you an extra 50, since the GT costs a whopping , so that is something to consider as well. Keep waiting and the Ferrari and the other GT-R will come eventually. This event is a bit more difficult than the first since the track is more complex but easier than the last one. They won’t follow you off the line so there’s no worry of that, although they can still slipstream off each other if they’re close enough. Most people tend to use the bumper cam the most, however I for one use the chase camera the most often by far. Be a courteous driver instead of ramming people off the road, taking shortcuts, and driving dirty to help make the Gran Turismo community a better place. No matter where you are on the track, if you can slipstream, absolutely do it.

As you reach the banking for the first corner you may notice the closer car to you start to move in to the left while the car s ahead may stay towards the outside at first. The same goes for using the disc version first and trying to use your file for the PSN version. Each class increases with difficulty and the speed of cars the higher you go up. For a mandatory car listing, suggested cars, and other recommended cars to try out, refer to Mandatory and Notable Cars. If you set this to a high setting the car will be more stable but your acceleration will be reduced. Standard is a more arcadish style and Professional is a more realistic one where you really won’t be able to just keep the pedal to the floor all the time. Who will achieve victory in this gruelling race of performance point class cars? Remember to maximize slipstreaming on the oval sections of the track and even in the infield whenever you can.

It’s a very fun view to use, I’d say, and you can also see your car the entire time which is a nice thing as well. As for other wheels I’m not sure, but if they are USB you might as well give them a try.

B-6 Can you overtake them all in 1 lap in this special mission race? The Evo peforms better than the Integra and RX-8 and the GT-R is by far better so either way you should have no troubles whatsoever, since vt5 events are already simple enough with the Integra. This is the normal goes, going forward over to the banked slight bend.

C-1 The first race of the Sunday Cup series for beginner drivers. You should be able to reach 10th by the exit of the next hard right after the left bend as bbmw. Keep in mind that you can change the PP for every car so these PP numbers are in no means set in stone.


It is a menu where you can tweak a few different settings while you drive during a race. You should be going flat out through that first slight bend but make sure to position your car correctly so you’re turning from the outside and through the apex. Keep a quick line and dive under any nearby cars when you reach the oval to maximize slipstreaming.

At the same time you’ll need to be quick in the infield section and avoid any ramming penalties by smashing into other cars. You should overtake the first two cars around the first corner and should be passing the F40 for 12th place around the U turn ahead.

GTVault – Gran Turismo 5 – Setup # – BMW Concept 1 series tii ’07 tuned by robsta.

No, there are actually only three R34s in the entire game. The higher the value, the better your grip while cornering, but the lower your grip when stopping. R Brake Balance Rear With the suggested control setup in the Controls section below, press R1 to pop up the menu during the race and use up and down to scroll through the options.

The all-comer Clubman events still have most of the same cars from the later Sunday Cup events from class C, so you can still easily beat them all with your Integra. When you lose steering control, the brakes are automatically applied to effectively steer your car where you want to go. This is usefull when drifting, as it makes it easier to countersteer. Looking at the events list, right away you’ll notice “P.

They won’t follow you off the line so there’s no worry of that, although they can still slipstream off each other if they’re close enough. Afterwards comes guning short straight and then some sort of right-left chicane that goes back onto the main straight towards the finish sereis. Lower grip tires will also help but it’s also harder to keep your car under control with these tires. The next step up from the Sunday Cup.

Doing so will replace the d-pad steering controls which are useless anyway because of ft5 analog stick steering. It is a common concept in racing and you can turn the driving line on seires the driving options menu before a race or any other event, event in Arcade.

It is a tricky track, especially since it may be hard to drive as fast as you can on slow tracks. If you do that, make sure to save your game with this option whenever you need to. Make use of slipstreaming to pass cars more quickly and then just stroll to the finish once you’re in first.


It is a track that is a favourite of many Formula 1 drivers and it is definitely a brilliant track. As you can see, the Suzuki Cappuccino clearly appears to be concepy best deal here.

Driving penalties consist of three different things: That being said, HP and weight are much better to judge for overall performance. If you do want to buy another car or even a tuned car, go ahead. Keep your cool through the S bend! I should say though that the PP listings should not be taken heavily and they’re there just so you know the stock level of PP the car has which isn’t really important itself anyway.

It may be a bit difficult at first since tyning track may be a bit tricky, but you shouldn’t have too hard of a time here. An ultra-high speed b,w in a performance point class machine! You’ll start dead last in 16th place on the Daytona Speedway oval and you’ll need to pass sreies car to get gold in this event. Standard is more like the previous games whereas Professional is even more realistic and really stresses car control.

Towards the end the last bunch of cars may be separated by a bit so be smart with your slipstreaming and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting to first in three or maybe four laps tops. However that shouldn’t really affect your reasoning. You don’t even need esries slipstreaming to get gold if you know the track well enough and don’t make mistakes, but some slipstreaming here and there serie always help.

So you probably have somewhere overcredits right now if your only cars were the Integra and Cappuccino. This setting will affect your performance points.

I’d expect qualifying to definitely return for the full game though.

Brause Racing Team (BRT)

There are two real divisions for the Ford Focus: A-6 Now we’re on the Daytona Speedway oval where things should be very simple and straightforward. You will also need to utilize the other cars on track to trim your lap time. By the way, after participating in online events, the game will not autosave whenever you’re in online mode so you must return to the main menu to save your game and keep any earned credits. So it is by far the best choice to make for your lightweight car and will allow you to compete in the two K Cup events plus the Cappuccino only event.

How many cars are on track in each race?