Don’t Grow Up, also known as Alone in some parts of the world, has a really fun and really interesting…. When they arrive, they find strange markings and residue visible only in infrared. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Who Has the Advantage? There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Actually, even removing the avalanche scene and looking at just the snow-covered wilderness, snow in general seems to always add an extra level of atmosphere and tension to a horror movie and I’m not really sure why.

They been in the cages for very long time until, same two people came in the tunnel many years later… very cool ending. The reason it did get the below average rating would simply be due to the fact that the film was really boring to begin with. It seems like when the teleportation happens a duplicate of whatever went through comes about. Some of my favorite recent horror flicks were shot like this, it’s just that this storyline approach is quickly grow so so old. The remaining three go to a steel door that two of them had conveniently found that locks from the outside but now is only frozen shut. Aug 28, Full Review…. Add to that, it’s also found footage as well. His friend responds with a story of her own but if you look up left from where she’s sitting, you’ll see the two white figures behind the ridge.

One sharp viewer caught an important part of the plot though – Helen Hunter remarked that the two who made the footprints can be seen popping up from behind the ridge when one of the hikers tells his friend about a bad acid trip he had in high school.

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Unwilling to starve to death or face the mutants, Jensen and Holly choose to step into the wormhole. The monster CGi looked absolutely terrible, it would look good if it was a pre-rendered cutscene from Final Fantasy Aug 22, Rating: One had a small crack in his skull, but it was not thought to be a fatal wound.

A single dad cop in a small town and his female partner are called to the scene of the death of a mean recluse. I would say probably a mutant creature, since we know one was following them around, but I’d need to rewatch the dyaglov to be sure. Were they trying to scared them? So when I heard SyFy was doing their own Aladdin-themed movie titled Aladdin and the Death Lamp, of course I got excited to watch and review it, even though I was also a bit worried, knowing how some of their movies tend to turn out.


In February ofnine Russian hikers ventured into a remote area of the Ural Mountains in Russia.

And no one knows why they were discovered hundreds of yards from their camp, half dressed and with internal injuries including broken ribs and fractured skulls, but with no external wounds at all.

For the real-life event, see Dyatlov Pass incident. Hopefully you’re just as captivated by that as I was and now you can see why I was so interested in this whole affair, and it’s something that ever since I started reading up on it I’ve been saying deserves to have a really good, well-made, creepy-as-hell movie made based off of it, so I got pretty damn excited last year when I heard that one was actually being made. Now, I love found footage horror flicks quite a bit, but there are some movies I feel don’t need the treatment and would be perfectly fine if not better as a traditionally-shot movie The Dinosaur Project was one such movieand this was one that I initially thought the same thing about when reading this news.

Aug 23, Full Review…. Leave it to any government to call nine hikers mysteriously found dead an ‘incident’. Still, the characters are a little underserved and aren’t fleshed out too much beyond what’s needed for the story. Views Read Edit View history. There’s two things that Asylum pumps out faster than you can blink – mockbusters and Natural Disaster movies, with the generically-titled End of the World being the latest of the latter.

Are they the mutants or are they just a wild animal that was there when they were making the movie? Aug 28, Rating: When they arrive, they find strange markings and residue visible only in infrared.

Searching for the remaining four travelers took more than two months. Edit Devil’s Pass These American students went missing, but they left behind video footages of their experiences.

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Between the cedar and the camp the searchers found three more corpses, who seemed to have died in poses suggesting that they were attempting to return to the tent. If a movie makes you cringe because yet another batch of unlikable teens that are pushing 30 are inching toward their deaths, having a party no one does anywhere ever, a paranormal movie is boring you to tears with unending pans of empty rooms, or thanks to CGI technology when people finally bite it, their blood squirts everywhere except on the victim, the ground, the people next to them This was the first hint that the movie has time travel elements in it.


Their trek through the Ural Mountains, retracing the steps of that ill-fated journey, is plagued by strange and increasingly terrifying phenomena, all of which suggest that in spite of their desolate surroundings, they are not alone. Making them not go in there? The remaining three go to a steel door that two of them had conveniently found that locks from the outside pasx now is only frozen shut.

The writing is especially good; particularly in how it subtly builds from a mundane mountain trek into a conspiratorial thriller. It turned out to be the same camera that they are using to film. dnding

Bill, a dorky high school student and avid horror movie fan, witnesses a UFO flying over his town. And what was there a military guy with no tongue?

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Amazon Prime Video in Canada has been releasing almost the entire Asylum catalog on their service bit by bit over the last week so, pretty much early Ennding to someone like me! At a bar, the students recruit Sergei, who translates the sign as a warning to turn back.

One day into the hike, one of the members, a man named Yuri Yudin, became ill and had to return. View All Critic Reviews This is the only moments where the film really does kind of work as a traditional horror movie. Thankfully, though, this film does get better as it goes along and it does, surprisingly, manage to throw in some sci-fi elements in there, such as time-travel, teleportation devices, among others.