Shingo makes several mistakes while adjusting to life at Yuijo which only serve to infuriate Airi. The next day, Shingo and Airi are chosen as their class’ representatives. Retrieved November 30, Archived from the original on June 28, A dead cell phone is the turning point in young Shingo’s life. The Nuko Club’s adviser decides to separate the kittens, amid Miu’s protests.

There he find Miu who explains that this is the Nuko Club, which cares for injured animals before releasing them back into the wild; Pannya is one such animal. Miu promises Shingo she will depend on him more, instead of shouldering things all by herself. The siblings are surprised to find Airi, who happens to be the daughter of Yuijo’s principal, at the school. A episode anime adaptation produced by Manglobe aired in Japan between October and December The club members realize they have to let Pannya go back to its family, though this weighs heavy on Miu most of all. The anime has two theme songs:

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Shingo starts to get used to being a class representative and becomes faster at finishing the work. On the way back from the supermarket Shingo and the others stop by Airi’s apartment and everyone helps to make dinner.

Ranked Popularity MembersAll his efforts will symphojy fruitless until he can turn Airi, who continues to keep her distance. The first, titled “Character Palette Vol.

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When Shingo comes to school early dib of the kittens, he discovers that Miu stayed overnight and slept in the club room to look after them. The show is produced by Lantis Web Radio and is streamed biweekly. Suddenly, he is surrounded by the enemy, no ammo in sight, and with literally no man power eppisode back him up. Shingo tells Miu she should go home after school and get some rest because she has been pushing herself for the animals.


Archived from the original on December 23, Miu immediately becomes attached to the stray while Shingo and Sana have an important conversation. Mashiroiro Symphony is the ninth title developed by the visual novel developer Palette, after their previous titles such as Moshimo Ashita ga Hare Naraba and Sakura Strasse.

She ends up joining the Nuko Club and helps with recruitment. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Afterwards, the club members realize the black kitten responds to the name Shingo, while the white one responds to the snglish Miu.

Fall TV Manglobe. Retrieved March 29, How will Shingo survive this death trap of feisty females? After responding, Miu then asks Sana what she thinks about him. Oct 10, 4: Continue to Anime Network. Miu asks Shingo to join the club.

Shingo studies with Miu at her house where her mother teases them. Retrieved January 15, Retrieved April 25, As soon as life starts becoming normal, his coed school, Kagamidai, begins the process of merging with Yuihime, an all girls private academy.

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According to their official press release, Sentai Filmworks has licensed Mashiroiro Symphony: Sewell, Angelina Nanatsu Main. Later on, bath time becomes awkward, and Shingo is trapped with little option but to do the unthinkable. During another study session at Airi’s apartment studying, Shingo and the girls celebrate Airi’s birthday. Six chapters were collected into a single volume released on August 26, The next day, Airi eats lunch with Shingo and the other girls.


Frontier WorksLantisMedia Factory. Airi is inspired by Miu, who can still smile despite having to give Pannya up, to help the school merger succeed, and organizes a student rally for the cause.

Going to school with hundreds of girls is every boy’s dream right?

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Retrieved October 16, Archived from the original on October 16, All Rights Reserved Questions? Due to Shingo’s constant helpfulness, Angelina starts to see him as her rival in being a maid.

The club members realize they have to let Pannya go back to its family, though this weighs heavy on Miu most of all. Shingo asks her not to push herself too hard, as Sana listens from outside. Will he englieh to coexist, or will he just get his eyes scratched out? Shingo makes several mistakes while adjusting to life at Yuijo which only serve to infuriate Airi. The two of them end up taking a eglish together with the lights out.

Miu tells Shingo that Sana is allergic to cats, which is why Miu was against Sana raising the kitten.