Original na Visual to Animation Another World: Two more albums were released on August 29, There are five different types of “drills”. Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved February 8, Lucky Star ‘ s story mainly portrays the lives of four girls attending a Japanese high school. The storyline usually includes numerous references to popular past and present manga, anime, and tokusatsu series. Additionally, if the player wants to use a special battle skill against his or her opponent while in link mode, the player must shout out the name of the skill into the microphone.

Retrieved December 31, It’s a problem of security” in Japanese. Road to Violet Evergarden Untitled Free! Akira is a typical ‘cute excitable girl’ character while going through her script, but instantly changes to a bored, perpetually annoyed character the moment her segment is officially done and sometimes before then too. Lucky Star Manga Sells 1. Views Read Edit View history. Dengeki G’s Magazine in Japanese. Retrieved August 10,

Washinomiya Shrine attracts fans with “official visits ” ” in Japanese. There is also a “Drama Mode” where the game plays a mini- adventure game as the player makes their way to Akihabarawith math quizzes and mini games about five in all. As the story progresses, they move on to their second and third years. There are five different types of “drills”. Everything Flows Terra Formars: It has no ongoing plot and typically focuses on the daily lives of the characters.

Nurse Witch Komugi — Munto Munto 2: When this occurs, the player can use the character that is built up in Drama Mode as a selectable character.

The Lucky Channel segment is performed in live-action rather than being animated. Another two character CDs, both duets, followed on November 21, The concert featured the various cast members from the anime, and was hosted by Hiromi Konno the voice of Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi.


Timeless Medley Sound! Sailor Fuku was released on August 8, by Lantis.

The Second Raid Another World: New Initial D the Movie — Cardfight!! Akira is a typical ‘cute excitable girl’ character while going through her script, but instantly changes to a bored, perpetually annoyed character the moment her segment is officially done and sometimes before then too.

Senyu Senyu 2 Aiura Miss Monochrome: Lucky Star Manga Sells 1. The humor of this segment takes on a decidedly darker, mean-spirited, more cynical and mature tone than the main show, disguised as an infomercial that skims over characters who appear in the anime, but mainly deals with the progressively abusive and violent work-relationship between Akira and Minoru. Viz Media acquired the rights to publish the manga digitally in List of Lucky Star episodes.

Tomoyo Chapter Lucky Star: Bandai Entertainment formerly Viz Media. The Special First Edition version of the first DVD volume was released on June 22, and contained the first two episodes to the anime.

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The popularity of Lucky Star also brought many of its fans to the real life settings of the anime, beginning in April This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat The anime is currently licensed by Funimation. Another two character CDs followed on October 24, Chamber of Time Indivisible Anime and Manga portal. Kuufhku album called Shiraishi Minoru no Otoko no Rarabai contains the ending themes sung by Minoru Shiraishi from episode thirteen onwards and was released on October 10, One of nl quizzes called “Ondoku” requires the player to shout out the answer into the microphone.

Romance-ADVVisual novel.

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List of Lucky Star characters. The fourth volume followed with the fourth DVD on September 28, the fifth volume was released on October 26 while the sixth and seventh volumes were released on November 27 and December 21, respectively. A remix single of Motteke! Oath’s Finale Free! Various Japanese news media reported that the shrine epiwode a place teeming with photographers trying miyakaea-ke replicate scenes from the anime, cosplayers wandering around, [35] and ema prayer plaques ridden with anime drawings and strange prayers like “Konata is my wife”.


The manga was licensed by Bandai Entertainment for release in English in North America, [5] and the first volume was released in June The first light novel, Lucky Star: In Drama Mode, the player partners with one of the characters, and tries to increase her parameters and have her learn new battle skills.

The Out of Infinity. Road to Violet Evergarden Untitled Free! Retrieved August 10, Mermaid Rhapsody Monster Strike: The event attracted fans.

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Starting Days Sound! Dengeki G’s Magazine in Japanese. Retrieved February 15, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Comedyslice of life [1]. However, he also admitted that Lucky Star is quite different from its “predecessor” and that the second major factor is its “unique” composition that “panders to the tastes of otaku, but does so with good humor and sly wit”, miyakaaa-ke, making it episide ultimate in fan service “, a “witty, self-indulgent, guilty pleasure”.

Fumoffu Air Full Metal Panic! Maeda, Hisashi; et al.