Nick asks where he’d go and what money he’d use. Miranda asks Karl to go into surgery with her if he’s allowed because she doesn’t want to have Bridget surrounded by strangers. General Store Janae brings Mickey an ice cream sundae because she thinks he deserves a treat. Rebecca asks if there’s anything she can do. Mickey Gannon Benjamin Hart Number 28 Shaken after her close call with what she thinks was the curb, Susan grabs a drink of water when there’s a knock at the door.

Rachel says they are as she’s being looked at suspiciously by Zeke but thought Ringo was grounded. Elsewhere, Riley assures Steve that Bridget will be ok. Valda tries to make amends for the internet scam. Adam replies that they’re going to give him the chance to explain. Elle is forced to fire either Paul or Oliver. Final appearance of Nicky Whelan as Pepper Steiger.

Jesse Rosenfeld Catherine Michael: The neighbourhood rallies to find Mickey. Nick then shares his crazy plan to kidnap Declan so they can get a huge ransom in return. If this is the way you treat eoisode daughter it’s no wonder she’s run off. Frazer is shocked to learn Ringo has an eating disorder. Janae thinks they’re probably watching them right now.

Mickey points out that you never get to seem them again.

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Susan tries to explain that they are doing something helpful by providing the Parkers with food, and mentions they’re part of a community a few hundred times and how communities rally together. Season 1 Episode Jesse Rosenfeld Valda Sheergold: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


Mickey wonders if they should take her to the hospital. Elsewhere, Riley assures Steve that Bridget will be ok. Janae, thinking that apparently there is no other child in the world apart from Mickey, thinks that Susan meant Mickey and tells her how brave Mickey was. Having heard enough, Declan shoves his cake away and goes to sit at another table.

Declan explains there was an accident and he can’t talk about it anymore.

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As she’s talking, the camera pans in on Susan as a look of realisation dawns. He gives them money for a taxi and says that he’ll be staying at the hospital. Do you think he understands what’s going on? Paul Robinson Alan Fletcher Audible Download Audio Books.

Neighbours Episode 5313

Susan is shocked to hear that Declan is thought to be responsible for the accident. Ned says that the doctors and nurses will do everything they can, and Janae mutters that the e;isode who ran Bridget down better be caught.

They Parkers go off, leaving Karl by himself. Steve asks them how Bridget looked but the kids can only swap concerned looks.

He asks where heaven is. They race towards their cars. Bridget must handle an animal emergency.


Look, the cops aren’t dumb. Rosie is troubled by Toadie’s emotional investment in Susan’s case.

After the break, we’re back to see Adam and Sophie holding Declan’s arms and leading him outside the hospital. Penny Cook Daniel Fitzgerald: Adam Rhodes David Hoflin Heidi Valkenburg Colin Hopkins: Valda tries to make amends for the internet scam. Ben Anderson Taylah Jordan: Roger Neave James Anderson: Hotel Nick assures Declan they’ll never look for him there and he didn’t realise that he was such a desperado. Declan’s car hits Bridget.

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Steve tries to ring Bridget but gets her voicemail. She suggests that she ought to photocopy some neighbourrs for Bridget. Recap Mickey sees Bridget shouting at Declan. Wrapping the kids in a hug, Susan says they’ll just have to wait it out. Declan looks at his mother and says sorry, before suddenly pushing Adam and running off, followed by Sophie and then Adam.

Hospital The doctors are bringing Bridget back from surgery. Karl is oblivious to the importance of the question and in a confused state replies yes. neighboura