Rajat says, I know you taught me and today I see old Rajat standing in front of me. Ram is telling his lawyers that they have a month and he wants his daughter custody. Purvi and Vinod also come to this function. Television’s rising star and ‘Balika Vadhu’ gone too soon! Razia tells Gaffur to rush as its getting late and tells Zoya that this is not the way to talk to elders.. Koki asks, oh so your mummy told to lie. The police feels that this phone call was a trick and Varsha is still in Mumbai. Then ovi says arjun i fixed our meeting with Mr mehta.

You can download or play Punarvivaah Episode November 21 with best. Dilshad replying that…since they know each other so well there will be nothing to learn after marriage and they will be bored with each other! Balika Vadhu 1st April Written Episode,. Ram asks, since how long you know her that you are talking this big? Neha says, you will say rubbish and you suppose us to stay silent? Ram says, I never left you..

Balika Vadhu cast celebrate th episode. Archu says all eplsode my mistakes i did nt stayed alone sulo here. Rasheed says accepted you as my daughter in law long back. He says it could also have been a misunderstanding.

Balika vadhu april 15 written episode : Puhoy adventure time episode

At karanjkar house sulo sited on dining table chair. She says they must think carefully and not on impulse and find a way. And after knowing all this, you still love her. Gaffur says the daughter in law of this house cannot wear such clothes!


Punar vivah 19 november 2013 written episode

Nuzhat says no need to feel guilty. Jigar says he has some work but rashi insists jigar to sleep.

She give some prasad to kids. Koki yells, you do the mistakes and now you are blaming me? You have started hating her without any reason, just like how I hated her. And his anger is reasonable. And since how many years we are friends?

IANS November 26, 8: Kinjal goes away doubting urmi. What will happen to this house now? So rashi covers it by saying, no I am feeling uncomfortable. He motions to nurse to monitor his health regularly and keep him updated.

Urmi asks rashi whether doc has checked her properly or not. Varsha feels thankful that now manav and Archana will stop looking for her in Mumbai.

Written update: September

Change everything according to your taste. Pintu says he will not miss his class and they should wait for a few minutes. They share a romantic eye lock while doing so.

Imran says a new bride doesnt enter kitchen directly. Actor Gurucharan Singh talks about ho Then after breakfast arjun leaves but he appriciate ovi work. Balika Vadhu- Get latest news on Balika Vadhu.


Najma says wanted to wear these clothes and jewelery for todays function. Soon this will be my room, Mrs. He assures them that he will do his level best to find Varsha.

Gopi asks rashi to sit down and dexitvbox the comfort so rashi sits back. Babloo says she must have been like epjsode before but now she has changed. Ayan comes and Humera looks at him with pain in her eyes.! Najma is about to prepare tea and finds that every utensil is empty in the kitchen and all cupboards are locked…! Bha tells from today on she would read ramayan for gopi and rashi.

Again priya will be getting ready peehu for her school and tells its her first day of school and she would be with her daughter. rshta

Urmi says no no one should know about it. Asad says please talk to me. Purvi starts crying again. Najma says it matches with my outfit!