The other Shinkengers try to encourage Genta to get past his phobia by each braving their own worst fears. Jii finds him as he watches Shinken Red fighting Juzo and attempts to intervene. The Impersonator [ edit ]. When Ryunosuke tries to cut the strings, the Ayakashi Kugutsukai reveals himself. While sitting on a dock bench, Takeru meets a young boy named Hiroki who he learned from his teacher lost his father during a Gedoushu attack. Daikai-Shinkenoh and DaiGoyou battle the enlarged Ayakashi and overwhelm him with their teamwork before using the IkaTenku Buster to destroy him. Back onboard the Rokumon Junk, after learning of Juzo’s death, Dayu realizes that her repaired shamisen may complete Doukoku’s reawakening. Ryunosuke alerts Takeru, who leaves the party abruptly with Kotoha and Genta to join their teammates and engage Urawadachi, who summons the Nanashi to keep the Shinkengers occupied as he retreats.

Meanwhile, Juzo forcefully cures Takeru of Shitari’s poison, revealing his reasons were so he can fight Takeru at his full strength. The Lantern Samurai [ edit ]. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Ryunosuke points out that DaiGoyou acts more like an okapikki than like a samurai, causing DaiGoyou and Genta to start bickering. Shinkenoh, using both the Kabuto and the Kajiki Origami, destroys the remaining grunts. As the fight continues with Shinken Red fighting Hitomidama, the other vassals fight Shinken Blue and lose to him, leading Shinken Red to take the others in retreat. Super Shinken Red also destroys Happouzu, who has the intent to destroy the Ushi Origami now that it cannot be under his control.

Looks like this is it for your proud Rifle Squa.

While the vassals spend their leisure time at an amusement park, Takeru trains to master the use of the Kabuto Secret Disk by making his Sental twice as strong. The Sisi Origami suddenly attacks the Ayakashi on its own as the others realize that Takeru is not the one piloting it. After Takeru reveals to his vassals that the three support Origami can be combined into DaiTenku, the Kabuto Disk is entrusted to Mako as the Kabuto Origami’s official user to the dismay of Chiaki, who feels he is lacking and proceeds to train himself.

The next day, Ryunosuke, drawing from previous experience, suspects that a couple of teachers are Gedoushu in disguise, but is proven wrong when he finds them in sa,urai trance just like the students from before. The Shiba home has a visitor: Following him to his home to learn whatever secret he has, the two get into a discussion of Ryunosuke’s personal regret of his life-long dream that he has been keeping to himself before Mako comforts him, later giving him poorly made muffler and meal as they spend the night at the stake out.


This causes Shitari to fall back and cause the Gap Sensor to detect his movement.

After defeating a company of Nanashi, Takeru becomes annoyed when his retainer, Hikoma Kusakabe, affectionately called “Jii”, implores him to find his four vassals to fight alongside him, instead of fighting on his own. Shinken Red slays Kagekamuro, but in spite of that, he tells his vassals to remain on their guard. The Ayakashi Sunasusuri arrives, attacking people and inducing an insatiable appetite in those hit by his sand.

The Ayakashi Zuboshimeshi appears and subjects his victims to insults that hurt their feelings so deeply that the verbal abuse actually becomes a physical assault. Nightly Tears of Sympathy [ edit ]. Though the vassals offer to help, Jii apologizes for deceiving them and explains to an annoyed Tanba that he will see Takeru as his Lord.

When Hiro finds his disk has no effect, the Ushi Origami goes on a rampage. Mako then reminds Takeru that despite him not being the 18th Head of the Shiba Clan, everything Takeru built up as himself properly exists. As Sakutaro secretly resumes his duty as a kuroko, a mysterious figure who witnessed the Shinkengers’ fight with Yamiororo walks off.

Shinken Green makes short work of the Nanashi, but he is knocked out by Narisumashi and depowered. Finding Takeru wounded from his fight with Yomotsugari, Jii is shocked when Genta and the vassals arrive, demanding answers relating to Kaoru.

After the battle, Jii arrives to bring everyone to the Shiba Eisode. Using Modikara, the group manages to bring Utakasane back into their world to destroy him before he has the chance to escape.

With the fight ending in a stalemate as he drys up, Ushirobushi takes his leave as Juzo follows after seeing Takeru not ready for their sninkenger. While introducing Ebi Origami, which he created with his Sushi Changer, Genta gets into a fight with Ryunosuke who sees him as the opposite of what a samurai is supposed to be. While fighting the Nanashi, the Shinkengers are astonished to find high school students interfering with the battle.

After the fight, Chiaki finally accepts being Takeru’s vassal and vows to surpass him in skill. Soon after, Ryunosuke and Chiaki are treated to an all you can eat buffet, unaware of how samuria synch they became from the ordeal. Using a combination of Modikara element attacks, the Shinkengers weaken Marigomori’s shell before destroying him suinkenger the Tora Five Rings Bullet as the kuroko cheer them on.

Shinken Blue and Shinken Yellow engage him as their teammates arrive to assist. Ryunosuke arrives and helps his teammates take Takeru to safety as Juzo skbbed, lamenting that he’s been denied his only pleasure.


A Samurai Sentai Eternally [ edit ]. She begins fighting Nakinakite as the other Shinkengers arrive to assist, only for the guys to end up with Nakinakite’s Aka-Oniko latching on as they begin to weigh them down the longer they cry. Though sejtai Shinkengers worry for Takeru and Ryunosuke, a mysterious figure arrives to reveal that Takeru is the winner in the fight.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episode 23 English Subbed – The Rampaging Gedoushu

Shinken Pink engages Dayu, and apparently strikes her down, but Dayu reveals that her shamisen had taken the killing blow and had been destroyed.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is the 33rd program in the Super Sentai series, airing from to Mako hesitates, so Kotoha jumps in to defend her and is injured. Lord Butler [ edit ] 22 “Lord Butler” Transcription: The Shinkengers are also struck down by Zuboshimeshi’s attacks, save for Shinken Yellow; when the Ayakashi calls her “stupid,” she is unaffected and continues fighting, forcing Zuboshimeshi to retreat. You need to login to do this. While Shitari worries about the recent events at the Rokumon Junk, he senses a presence and shinkenter that the Kusare Gedoushu are still thriving.

DaiGoyou then battles the enlarged Sogizarai, holding off the Ayakashi so Samuraihaoh can be assembled to destroy him. Afterwards, Mamoru reunites Mako with Kyoko; mother and daughter embrace and let go of the past before Mamoru and Kyoko bid Mako xhinkenger and return to Hawaii.

As the Shinkengers battle thousands of Nanashi, Doukoku decides to break the Shinkengers’ fighting spirit. Showdown with the Rifle Squad [ edit ]. After searching and not finding anything, Chiaki talks Mako into not returning to the mansion to train.

As Genta points out the possible yet risky combination of their Origami with the Ushi Origami, Ryunosuke visits his old kabuki theater, reminiscing about his life before becoming a Shinkenger.

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They arrive at a mountain guarded by Juzo and Dayu that is producing the ash infecting the village. Genta thinks about the proposal, which causes Kotoha to feel guilty. As they return home, the other Shinkengers apologize to Chiaki. During the fight, Shinken Green attempts to use the Kabuto Disk to fight, only to be unable to use subbd power as Okakurage escapes.