She remarks that it resembles the large gold coin he carries around, and he shows her his matching necklace on his neck. I can’t believe my eyes though when you included Rurouni Kenshin’s love theme. While I want SeKwang to face the court and the disdain of all the people who had rooted for him, I thought it was a great touch that he killed himself after seeing the two passports. Lee Cha Don was able to break away, like he said, he had that one chance and took it; whereas Se Kwang did not. But the first shooting schedule is expected to be in mid-January, according to the officials from SBS. She was the only one that asked for it. I liked the show in the beginning but loved it by the end. As he said, I felt sorry for her son who will now live without his mother.

So glad that KJH will get lots of love in Japan!! I actually didn’t want her to die. I appreciate the last scene being there to show that ‘fat’ women r beautiful in their own right! A temporary standstill injunction was applied against the actor and legal process has been taken into action. Love it that she gains some of her weight back, it more realistic because the girl did not change her eating habits SeKwang looked like such a little scrapper, so pitiful. Also, letting another innocent person go to jail for a crime he committed is just wrong. It’s only interesting that to the end, he never actually repented and considers himself upholding “justice.

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No, Cha-don’s feelings got a dama after he reconnected with his mum. Episode 4 by Regals. Prosecutor Kwon is left alone in the interrogation room. I’ve always thought the chubby version of Jae-In was prettier than the skinny version. The primary villain had a sad backstory psrt a thirst for justice, which is all the more ironic considering his past.


I appreciate the last scene being there to show that ‘fat’ women r beautiful in their own right!

When they get back to the estate, Dad offers his bald head so that he can receive his righteous retribution for his misdeeds. But having a tragic past just doesn’t give anyone the right to harm innocent people. Equally hot was Lee Cha Don in a suit. With that, she slams the receipt onto the table. Ji-hoo finally comes to a decision about the receipt episoee thinking about the incarnatioh she had with Cha-don.

Wealthy residents of Sky Castle do their best to control the lives of their children and face consequences.

This casting news this lands on the sketchy sunopsis as, since it’s so far away, things can change and no one has officially signed yet. A search has been started to locate him. She finally makes her appearance, a little chubby after all this while.

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Everyone has a shot at a second chance, to turn away from their misdeeds, and make a new noney. Cha-don vows to his mother that he and Jae-in will live a happy life together and Jae-in thanks Mom for giving birth to Cha-don. Suddenly, Bi-ryung spits out blood and starts vomiting more blood.

It was about a theme. We have received an invitation in regards to Hwang Jung Eum filming the drama and are currently negotiating the contract.

Jae-in shows up at the same park and wakes up her father. Incarnation of Money Don’t believe that Angelina would have done that with a young son out there to return to. Official Site [South Korea]. I wish this only happen in drama land. During the afternoon of Agree that the finale felt a tad rushed.

Lee Cha Don was able to break away, like he said, he had that one chance and took it; whereas Se Kwang did not. If you guys love this writer, check out Giant.

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I have seen the films a total of 5 times already. I don’t like it that SK was ultimately dealt w in a murder-suicide by Angelina.


Cha-don brings Jae-in to see his late mother and she greets her future mother-in-law warmly. I liked Jae in being there for Cha Don and complaining to his mother.

So I end this with a positive note: They never really consider the amount of damage that they do to a child with their decisions.

In fact, she is the ONLY one who did that. And she was almost as bad as Se Kwang. Reporter Go gets caught trying to swipe some soju and huffs off when Dad calls him a thief. At first, I didn’t ship these two very much. I hated it when they portrayed her as totally unattractive when she was fat, n with surgery and extreme measures, she turned into a princess just bcos she dropped 40 lbs.

Sources say, “The casting of little children can decide the future of the drama. Did Cha Episodd still has his fortune? Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. KJH is one of my faves kdrama actor as well.

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A professional prosecutor Lee Cha-Don learns his past in relation to the conspiracy for the murder case. Bringing a baddie to life is no easy matter but this is where our villain, Se-kwang, sprung off of the page to present a complex, conflicted, and intriguing character who made you incarnnation what exactly made him tick. Na Yeo Kyeong was the owner of a book store and she was also a freedom fighter. What an awesome drama, I won’t be bored watching this over and over again.