To open the doorway to his world, Paul and Riana search for a chain to harness to the Summoning Tower, but, they are found by Riana’s father. They believe Ashka, giving her full authority to conspire against the Marauders. Ashka also promises to help Paul return home. The Spellbinders have discovered the power to create and manipulate static electricity. They contact Ashka, but the teacher arrives, having learnt of their ruse. Paul sees Ashka about to attack Riana back on the other side of the doorway, so he pulls Riana through the doorway, to save her. Ashka orders the guards to detain Riana, after framing her for helping Paul escape the castle. Back in Paul’s world, Alex is forbidden to see Katrina, by her parents.

An eyestone creates a weak radio signal, similar to a walkie-talkie. Determined to prove their theory is the truth, Alex and Katrina leave to find more proof. The strange man chases Paul, who runs into the surrounding forest. Although the technology that powers them is impressive, flying ships generally move somewhat slowly. Very little is revealed about the history of the Spellbinder’s world. The next day at the Spellbinder’s castle, Gryvon arrives and shows Paul’s fireworks to Ashka. Back in the Spellbinder’s world, Paul and Riana run into Paul, Gryvon and several guards searching for them.

Paul, the visitor from our world, speculates that “the Darkness” may have been the result of a nuclear winter, although this is not further elaborated upon. Ashka also promises to help Paul return home. It was also novelised by the creators, Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson.

Retrieved spellvinder August Zander is also sentenced to be banished. They believe Ashka, giving her full authority to conspire against the Marauders. Gryvon is forced to return Correon’s power-suit and Paul radio to their rightful owners. FantasyTeen dramaScience fiction. Via the eyestone network, the Summoner informs them that Paul is in his village. Brian instead believes that Paul is lost in the bush around the campsite. This causes the flying ship, with Paul and Riana inside to crash.

Riana and her family hide in the barn, but it doesn’t take long before Ashka and Gryvon figure out where Paul is heading to. Maran discovers Gryvon tied up in the barn. Later on, Ehglish and his classmates go on a field trip to a campsite so they can witness a solar eclipse.


I watched it in my childHood. After he breaks the Spellbinder’s laws, Paul is taken in a flying ship to the castle, where he encounters Ashka.

Paul runs off and Gryvon chases after him. Meanwhile, the Marauders take Paul, Riana and Correon to their hidden campsite, deep in the forest. Subtitlea follow them into the forest, after Ashka believes that Paul would teach the Marauders to make gunpowder.

On Ashka’s orders, Gryvon takes Paul to a basement, which doubles as a makeshift laboratory, where Paul will make them gunpowder. Knowing that the Regents are listening, Englidh plays Ahska’s confession on his camera. There, Paul encounters a strange old man, and Paul accidentally steals an Eyestone, a strange device belonging to the englixh.

Your email address will not be published. Maran learns that her family will face banishment, and she has a change of heart and decides to help Paul escape. At the castle, Ashka lies to the Regents that the Marauders killed Correon. Unfortunately, Gryvon doesn’t believe him.

Power stones can be recharged by infusing them with electricity, which is done in the lower levels of the Spellbinders’ castle. Paul meets a girl there named Riana, and they become friends. Unfortunately, she is unable to convince anyone, not even Alex, to believe her theory. Paul and Correon try to escape the Marauder’s camp, but they are caught by Riana and Zander.

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Katrina does some research in the school library and concludes that Paul is in another dimension. Correon speaks to the Regents via his eyestone, and tells them that he will return Paul to his world, because his knowledge is too dangerous.

Back at the campsite, the police and Paul’s father are looking for Paul, believing he is lost in the bush. The strange man chases Paul, who runs into the surrounding forest. During the trial, Ashka tries to convince the Regents of Paul’s innocence, though she doesn’t try to save him, as she promised. When Riana’s parents question Paul, they are confused by his speech. Riana also arrives at the castle with Paul’s tape, and sneaks past the guards the at gatehouse. At the summoning tower, Correon collapses, after he fails to use his powersuit to open the portal.


They return to the summoning tower, where the doorway is open, but Ashka arrives.

Esason explains how the old Spellbinders caused the darkness, blinded by their own lust for more power and that the Marauders had no involvement in the disaster. Though Paul distracts the guards, by the time he tries to warn Correon, it’s too late.

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To open the doorway to his world, Paul and Riana search for a chain to harness to the Summoning Tower, but, they are found by Riana’s father. Paul realises the Darkness was like the nuclear winters of his world. Paul is eventually able to travel back home, but he is forced to take Riana with him in order to save her.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: A prank of Alex and Paul’s goes wrong when Paul is accidentally sent to a parallel world.

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They are caught by the other Marauders, who learn of englissh and want it for themselves. Gryvon arrives at the tower seasln with the Summoner and his men. While Paul helps Correon prepare for the challenge, Gryvon sabotages Correon’s power-suit on Ashka’s orders.

Ashka and Gryvon take Paul back to the castle. There is some degree of nepotism involved in the process though, as Gryvon is clearly only chosen to be an apprentice because his father is the Summoner of Clayhill. This other world is inhabited by a more hierarchic and technologically different society, ruled by a group of people known as Spellbinders.