The morning after leaving to pick up Col. Jackson to administer a drug that might kill Straker instead of hastening his recovery. It’s good to see Henderson again, and Jackson! Straker observes and tries to move a stool fixed in mid-air, which he hits with a stick they are able to pick up and manipulate the stick. This film features several UFO cast members and many elements that would be later reused in UFO, like the futuristic automobiles and jeeps, the astronaut suits, and the models of a launch facility and rocket. In England, many of the episodes were released in the ‘s and ‘s on VHS tape, and all 26 episodes were finally released in

I’m also not clear how Straker and Lake made it into the affected field and whether they were meant to. Studio Guard John J. Hurrying on to the studio lot, night suddenly turns to day and time has stood still – people frozen mid-stride, birds aflight, tossed objects that remain in the air. So what kind of time manipulation are we talking about here? Meanwhile, Turner is able to play with time in ways a Gallifreyan would envy, projecting himself backwards or forwards, pulling Straker out of incidents to witness them again. The screenplay was written by Terence Feely and the director was Cyril Frankel. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Moonbase is often commanded by Lt.

They wouldn’t have to do that to blow the place sky-high, so the idea must be to take it over entirely. The false street on which he’s running is Baker Street, a street in the greater London city of Westminster, best known as the home of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes.

Ed Straker Norma Ronald As a result, stations showed it at various plog, and moved some episodes to late night or refused to show them at all. UFO is a British science fiction television series about a secret military organization which defends the Earth from Alien invaders. Jackson theorizes that the Aliens may not be humanoid at all, but are merely taking over the minds of humans and using the bodies as “vehicles”.

Posted by Paul Bareham at Newer Post Older Post Home. There is the hint of an attraction between Virginia Lake and Ed Straker in this episode, but it’s never followed up on though the attraction seems present again in “The Man Who Came Back”.


As with all UFO, there’s plenty of corny and misjudged sequences. Posted by Jeff Larsen at 4: There’s no evidence from the series to support that.

UFO watch (Episode 24 – Timelash)

Reimer 21 October at There’s no time to timelasj it here, but we do pause for some brief exposition that clears up nothing. This appears to be a fictional establishment. A different UFO model seems to have been used in the shot at An intriguing episode in that, unusually, it’s left to a guest star to carry it. Many of UFO’s regular and guest cast also worked in other Anderson productions, either as actors or voices for puppet characters.

Yes No Report this. In Japan, several episodes were released on VHS tape in the ‘s, and all 26 episodes were released on laserdisc in the early ‘s. The problem is that this is a flashback scene, and was long before Straker had a futuristic car!

The first set came in two different versions, a standard and a deluxe version. Like I said, not a lot of time heh! Managing to piece everything together, the central trio of Straker, Foster and Freeman are left with a dilemma: It seems Turner is working for the aliens and is quite cocky about his new powers, as all this is apparently happening during just an instant ifo time.

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Nina Barry was promoted to replace Lt. This set can be viewed in English with French subtitles or dubbed in French. This takes away a bit of the suspense, but such is the hazard of putting the leads in ANY dangerous plot. Email required Address never made public. This theory backed up in this episode as the Aliens pllt to have taken over the mind of a cat. She’s diagnosed as having sustained a blow to the back of the neck that has caused a two-hour amnesic gap.

It had been discovered that Aliens are coming to Earth and kidnapping people for unknown reasons. Season 1 Episode Although this is being marketed as a Region 2 DVD, the discs are in fact region-free, so they will play without problem in non-Region pllt countries with the PAL video standard e. Alan Pattillo was usually behind the camera for Gerry Anderson productions, and this was the only tinelash of UFO he’d penned.


Paul Foster Ed Bishop I can buy that Turner believes it, though, it’s clearly a sore spot and I can see him endowing Straker with every trait he feels a failure at.

UFO episode guides have appeared throughout the years in several books and magazines, and now also on the various Internet websites. Yet one problem with the production order is that it does pitch two of its wittiest and most innovative episodes back-to-back: And Interceptor pilot Mark Bradley dissappeared because the actor was frustrated by the week-to-week contracts for the minor characters. Audible Download Audio Books. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the British science fiction television series UFO.

Sadly Ed Bishop was already playing a character with his own name, and so “Howard” is substituted for Ed Straker-as-actor, but Foster gets to appear as “Mike” and Grant Taylor also appears as “himself”.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to fimelash sources. Edit Did You Know? Yet this is possibly the point, as Straker is a man who shows his young son a movie about a strangler and not realise that it’s inappropriate. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

My only reservation and reason I didn’t score this one even higher is near the end there is a very silly scene involving toy-like cars and a chase.

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You omitted to mention the lovely Wanda Ventham! Landed UFO’s are tracked down with ground Mobiles. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: The reason the Aliens kept coming to Earth pretty much remained a mystery.

However, the Alien’s behavior in some episodes remains confusing. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but it does include a few common places and methods of getting UFO merchandise. Very few series have so enjoyed torturing their lead character as much as UFO.